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What Is the Current Worth of the Web Gambling Industry?

05 january 2023
Author: James Burton
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A significant part of the entertainment segment is moving over to the digital world. This means there is a large potential that is still undiscovered for web-based operators. It is of high importance to know the statistics of different regions.

Toward the end of 2021, the worldwide internet industry amounted to 61.5 billion USD. By 2028, the number is estimated to grow by 86%. The whole gambling area, including land-based businesses, is worth over 287 billion USD. By 2026, it is projected to reach more than 450 billion at a yearly development pace of 18.4%.

Online gambling market: statistics

Let us overview the general figures regarding specific areas and types of gambling.


Here, the web-based sector was valued at 34.6 billion USD as of late 2021. At the same time, it is set to develop to 56.8 billion USD by 2027. Sports betting is still one of the most famous means of online entertainment, representing 40% of all income.

The most prominent European wagering forms incorporate:

  • football;
  • bingo;
  • scratchers;
  • basketball;
  • lottery draws;
  • eSport;
  • video slots.

While table entertainment is quite popular across the area, it has a greater number of customers in the land-based area than on the Web. Live dealer offerings are getting progressively widespread, alongside any type of gaming that supports crypto money and advanced financial operations.

The most established European business sectors are the UK and Italy, which represent around half of all income. A less significant market player is the Netherlands with under 10%. More countries from central and eastern Europe enter the market and boost their standings.

North America

According to the 2019 stats, the local amusement industry earned 7 billion USD. However, this was when the majority of states in the USA restricted gambling activities. From that point forward, the ban was lifted. Now, some states already have the sphere legalised and others plan to allow it. The revenue has risen fundamentally since that point, and the growth is expected to be continued.

The CAGR is predicted to reach 20% before 2026 but the number can be even higher. The land has extraordinary potential as the internet gambling sector is rapidly developing in both the United States and Canada. However, the situation might change at any moment, especially in the USA.

Central and Latin America

The web gambling industry in South America was estimated at 77 billion USD in 2020 and could eventually rise to over 127.5 billion USD in 3 years. The law still forbids games for money in a few key business sectors. Still, there could be changes, as the field is quickly developing.

Gambling sites can be launched in:

The business has been viewed as a critical source of income for multiple nations on the mainland. The upcoming years may be crucial for the development of the sector.


Online gambling business in Asia

The region has for quite some time been the most rewarding territory for iGaming since its population is about 4.3 billion. Throughout the past 10 years, rules in numerous states were relaxed to permit internet gambling. In other countries, residents can participate in online games only by using sites with foreign domains.

Usually, local gamblers are involved in live dealer entertainment, casino slots and betting. Some other potentially lucrative verticals, such as eSports and fantasy games, are currently in development. This region is intrigued by innovations, fresh types of gambling, and distinctive ways of making transactions. Operators consider the Asian market a significant point of their work plan.


The latest information from 2020 shows that the regional industry is worth a little more than 1 billion USD, yet this is expected to significantly rise before the decade is over. The African business is considered the least developed, however, some central participants are rapidly arising. Betting on sports is the most popular activity across the land. People also enjoy casino slots.

Africans are especially enthusiastic about new financial transaction techniques and cryptocurrency due to limited access to banks all over the continent. The country has its doors open for operators that hope to grow.

Casino Market can help you enter any of these markets and start a profitable gaming or betting project. Contact our managers to receive a consultation on all your business opportunities.

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