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Ainsworth Has Reported a Revenue Rise to 83 Million USD

05 march 2023
Author: James Burton
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Ainsworth, the Australian supplier of slot equipment, has detailed an after-tax benefit of 5.9 million AUD, which translates to 4 million USD.

Ainsworth reports a revenue rise to 83 million USD

This income was calculated for the half-year period that ended on December 31, decreasing by 35.2% in yearly terms. The group also published an after-tax benefit of 2.7 million AUD for the beginning of 2022.

Statistical Data

The gaming studio has stated that its company-wide income has increased by 23.2% in comparison to the previous year. Now, it amounts to 124.1 million AUD, which equals around 83.3 million USD. The earnings rose by 3.8% successively.

Somewhat under 0.5% of the enterprise's income in this period was accumulated in the Asian markets. These business sectors brought in 570,000 AUD for half a year until December 2022, and a large portion of it came from selling equipment for gambling, either fully or partially.

The group chose not to compare every year's earnings. It expressed that income from Asian business sectors had added up to 674,000 AUD in a year that ended June 30, 2022, which was 0.3% of the company's general income.

Previously, Ainsworth reported that the year-end date was changed to December 31, with the previous date being June 30. The reason for this was the adjustment of its detailing plan, which included overseas tasks and operational cycles. Similarly, it had to align with the end of the year at Novomatic, which owns a major share of the company.

More Financial News

The group also shared a loss of 75,000 AUD in the Asian sector throughout the same six-month period. This was the only market that experienced some sort of downfall.

According to the company's statement, the Asian and European markets contributed insignificantly to the company's overall income because these sectors were slow to recover from the COVID-19 complications.

Here are some other statistics:

  • the revenue before EBITDA amounted to 14.9 million AUD;
  • in the previous year, the same data showed 24.6 million AUD;
  • during the first half of 2022, it was reported to be 12.5 million AUD.

The most recent time frame showed no gains. According to the group, profit keeps being postponed to let the company put more resources into innovative work. This way, the enterprise will be able to continue to launch quality solutions and explore the indefinite situations of worldwide store network deficiencies. The expense pressures due to inflation will also be dealt with.

Comments from the Representative

Harald Neumann mentioned that the group's activity kept on improving during the previous year, which was influenced by land-based establishments opening up again. Additionally, the recuperation of significant global business sectors after the pandemic brought positive results.

The representative added that he is sure the company has invested enough to majorly improve:

  • innovative technologies;
  • equipment;
  • slot performance.

In his opinion, the results of this update would be visible soon through the enterprise's future statistics.

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