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Aristocrat Talks about the Importance of Investing in Gambling Innovations

04 november 2022
Author: James Burton
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G2E in Las Vegas featured the elites of the gambling industry. Some of them spoke out and gave insight into the successes and trends.

For example, Hector Fernandez from Aristocrat talked about the challenges and advantages of running a large gaming company in the current state of events, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aristocrat’s G2E Experience

Aristocrat gambling innovations: investments

Mr Fernandez started by talking about his group’s recent presence at the show, saying that it was an amazing success. The enterprise’s representatives networked a lot with partners and clients, and there was plenty of engagement on both sides.

The executive credited the group’s continuous investments in creating modern products for the lineup. He stated that the brand puts 11−12% of revenue into these technologies. Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when the company was not earning anything at all, the executives were still investing.

This led to the fact that all of the titles presented at the important exposition are brand new, and the majority of them were demonstrated to the public for the first time. The employees were busy because of the high demand from the clients, who constantly wanted to know more about the fresh releases.

Differences Between Operators

Mr Fernandez states that there are some significant distinctions between partners. In particular, the demand from operators based in the United States is usually different. During the pandemic, most of the places there opened faster than in South America, where the restrictions were rather harsh.

The opening in the United States was permanent, and local casinos were working without issues. At the same time, in the Latin American market, they tended to open and close depending on the level of threat imposed by the virus. This is why there is a contrast between these two areas when it comes to revenue and investments.

Mr Fernandez notes that in Latin America, there is a high interest in premium gaming titles, which makes players more attracted to them. Generally, the region is recovering from its downfall caused by the pandemic, and Aristocrat invests a lot in partner activities.

Game Preferences in the Industry

Mr Fernandez once again stressed the significance of premium games in recent times, saying that operators frequently choose them. In his words, many of such products have performed strongly on the market. Sometimes, the creators use the tactic of combining two different concepts into a single successful title.

The group takes special pride in:

  1. Buffalo Link — the biggest grower in the enterprise’s history, which was created out of two previous well-liked titles.
  2. Jackpot Carnival — a rehash of the old game that was released many years ago, boosted with fresh features and content.
  3. Cash Express — a modern version of the previously launched entertainment hit.

The provider also pays a lot of attention to the type of customers and focuses on a certain group. For instance, Class II and III are two completely different experiences, which means that the company needs to convert games for each category separately. This strategic plan has been a market success.

Franchise-Based Slots

Aristocrat franchise-based slots

Aristocrat was always known for creating titles which are based on famous concepts. For instance, there were a lot of releases inspired by sports franchises.

Mr Fernandez states that the company still follows this strategy since it is a significant part of its history. As an example, he named NFL Slots, a new title influenced by the football league, which is set to come out soon. In his words, the company is excited to bring them to punters who enjoy this sport and would want the theme to be incorporated into casino entertainment.

The Launch of Anaxi

Not long before performing at G2E, the group announced the opening of Anaxi. The launch of this division was in plans for a long time. The new department focuses on web game development for different jurisdictions. It is an addition to the other pillars of the enterprise’s activity.

Overall, there are now 3 directions that the company works in:

  • digital sphere;
  • land-based gambling business;
  • game development.

In the opinion of the executive, Anaxi is a perfect balance between the ground industry and the internet segment.

In Conclusion

Mr Fernandez spoke about the successes that his group has achieved in 2022, and is planning to continue the same path in 2023. The company is focused on evaluating the portfolio and investing a part of the savings in new projects.

The representative is certain that these kinds of contributions are vital for the business flow and always keep it going. The official concluded by saying that his colleagues constantly think of new ways to keep their partners and clients happy and satisfied.

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