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Aspire Global Has Thrilling Plans with the New Owner

23 july 2022
Author: James Burton
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NeoGames, a global sweepstakes supplier, has acquired Aspire Global, a prime B2C solution provider, leading to a change in partner brand direction to B2B.

Aspire Global thrilling plans with NeoGames

Significant Points

​​In 2013, the average profit of the manufacturer was about € 25 million. Then, Tsachi Maimon was appointed to the post of the head. By 2021, the annual income of Aspire was more than € 213 million.

The bulk of the revenues came from B2C. By the end of the previous year, the supplier had sold all of its consumer-focused businesses, which Esports Technologies acquired as part of a € 65.5 million transaction.

The firm was purchased by a bigger corporation on June 17, 2022, after NeoGames made a public offer to take over the business for almost € 402 million.

Mr Maimon comments that this takeover is a well-thought-out strategic chain. All previous actions have made its firm a frontman provider of unique solutions.

Suppliers Path

The way to the success of the brand began with a platform for partners that allowed the organisation to work with the B2C segment and scale its stance from there.

Aspire has been integrated with additional acquisitions over the past few years, transitioning from a platform to a provider of intersectoral technologies, to intensify control over the value chain.

Following the acquisition of the Pariplay gambling software in 2019, an agreement with BtoBet, a bookmaker solution business, was made 2 years ago. In 2021, the company bought a 25% stake from bingo provider End 2 End.

The representative of the company explains that such actions were taken because of the long research and surveillance of the regulated regions. According to him, some countries complicate the operation of game distributors by introducing certain prohibitions. Aspire offers solutions for vendors to make their work smoother and more profitable.

The customer base of the brand can boast of such famous bookmakers as:

  • ITSP in Germany;
  • BoyleSports in the Netherlands;
  • Betfair and William Hill in Colombia, etc.

Unique Offerings

Such alliances helped the company to obtain the GLI-33 standard for the Neuron 3 platform. Now, this development can operate in the US and Canadian markets.

The technology was acquired as part of a deal with BtoBet and is now integrated with the Pariplay Fusion platform. This leads to the fact that it combines not only different games but also whole verticals.

Pariplay Fusion is a distinct development that unites:

  • sports betting;
  • gambling;
  • virtual games;
  • eSports;
  • bingo.

The platform proposes all-in-one through single API installation and includes more than 12,000 titles.

Mr Maimon thinks his brand is in a unique position for development given the AspireCore technology and the inclusion of bingo entertainment by End 2 End.

Multiple goods can be offered by the brand under a single contract, considerably simplifying the process of distributors boosting their primary offering in regulated markets.

Fresh Start

Aspire Global develops the B2B direction

At the end of last year, Aspire sold its B2C operations to Esports Technologies.

Mr Maimon comments that such a deal gives impetus to the development of the B2B direction. However, their previous experience gives the brand a definite advantage in the market.

With 16+ years of work in the industry, the company features:

  • a clear view of the problems that operators could encounter;
  • the best possible solutions tailored to users' needs.

The takeover by NeoGames would substantially boost the greatest solutions that Aspire can provide. A top worldwide producer of interactive content, unique technology, and different verticals' operations will be created as a consequence of the merger, according to the lottery giant.

New Opportunities

According to Mr Maimon, NeoGames will quicken access to both new and current jurisdictions in the US and Canada. Since the buyer is well-established in North America, its networks and expertise may hasten the execution of Aspire's ambitious plans.

The expert asserts that the company's offer is now open to the lottery business and moves them one step closer to offering goods and services to the whole worldwide industry. The giant helps the brand intensify its position in this vertical.

Mr Maimon contends that the lottery has enormous potential, particularly given that it is finally beginning to make the transition from the retail niche to the digital one.

Online lotteries, on the other hand, only make up a minor portion of the $ 105 billion business. Mr Maimon is sure that NeoGames consumers will increasingly search for ready-made solutions across all product segments even if other markets are more developed and provide considerable growth prospects.

He continues by saying that because businesses without enough experience are searching for wise guide partners, this generates more potential for development.

The NeoGames investment is essentially a new chapter in Aspire's development story rather than a completely new company venture.

What Is Next?

The newly obtained GLI accreditation would enable Pariplay to offer there its:

  • gambling platform;
  • betting systems;
  • management services.

The brand does not exclude further new alliances that will contribute to the development of Aspire. Mr Maimon will not withdraw from other agreements following the procurement because there is still much work to be done.

The company is well placed to position itself as a frontman iGambling supplier in North America.

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