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Gil Rotem from IGT Talks about the Importance of Performance Data

25 november 2022
Author: James Burton
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The major gambling specialist Gil Rotem, who moved to the IGT digital department after a long work in the B2C sector, spoke about the importance of data and its analysis.

New Beginnings for the Executive

IGT’s Gil Rotem talks about gambling data

While searching for a new high-ranking official, the IGT company decided to reach out to someone with extraordinary experience and outside of the B2B segment. Gil Rotem became the perfect candidate. The gambling specialist had years of practice collaborating with operators.

Although becoming the head of the B2B iGaming department initially was a challenge for the expert from a different field of work, his adaptation turned out to be quick and successful. Understanding that all the departments should work towards the same goal became of great help.

In the words of Mr Rotem, it is of high importance to make products valuable for customers. Clients' satisfaction contributes to the operator’s success. However, it is also vital to pay attention to other parts of the business that are not related to game supply. Building a strategy for the enterprise is significant.

The executive spoke about what he contributes to IGT:

  • knowledge of which solutions are beneficial for operators;
  • decisions regarding game support, including distribution tools;
  • understanding of the optimal content promotional strategies.

Importance of the Full Picture

Another point made by Mr Rotem is that the most significant factor in the game’s success is not the math. It is important to consider the entire casino experience instead of just one aspect. Providers should think about how to improve their products for players. For this, IGT uses a lot of corresponding tools and is especially attentive to the details.

Data is a huge part of the overall process. In his past field of work, Mr Rotem used to focus on this aspect a lot. The expert made emphasis on the importance of performance information and not only content.

In his words, suppliers should do more than just produce games for specific markets. It is necessary for them to:

  • think deeper about how and why a certain release appeals to the audience of a particular country;
  • understand the reasons why a concrete function or title is doing better among a specific group of clients.

Mr Rotem is convinced that looking at the data is incredibly beneficial, as it demonstrates the effectiveness of chosen strategies and causes of players being attracted to the content.

Acquisition of iSoftBet and Results

IGT and iSoftBet: results of the acquisition

IGT acquired a well-known game company iSoftBet in a lucrative 164 million USD deal. According to Mr Rotem, it was a great business decision which helped the company establish itself in many new territories of Europe. IGT partners with all the largest international operators. The joint efforts will assist the company in reaching out further.

Acquiring the other enterprise has not influenced the revenue of IGT much. The recent Q3 Digital and Betting segment earnings stood at 54 million USD, which is much less than the achievements of the company in the lottery business or the land-based industry. However, the group remains highly ambitious.

The executive says that the company is constantly looking at opportunities for acquisition and cooperation with other businesses. The most important aspect is to figure out whether it will be beneficial for IGT. However, the current focus of the group is on improving game quality.


IGT is aware of the current gambling industry climate and the importance of standing up to harmful activities. A lot of markets are taking measures such as limiting the designs of slots or putting a ban on certain gaming features.

Gil Rotem is not too worried about the competition with companies that became industry giants during the time with fewer regulations. He believes in IGT’s potential, saying that restrictions have never been a significant issue for the brand.

The executive views regulations as a good thing overall since they are beneficial for all the parties:

  • gamblers;
  • operators;
  • suppliers.

Mr Rotem said that IGT operates only in the official markets. Although, the brand is not responsible for restrictions. In the executive’s opinion, the company is used to working in this environment, which is why it does not seem too challenging.

The expert also mentioned that the group passed the recent checks with great assessment results. Working in such conditions is ingrained into the company’s mindset.

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