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Incredible Technologies
Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Incredible Technologies Casinos and Software: Innovative iGaming Products

From the very moment of its creation, the brand has always been committed to its tag line: “It is all about the game”.

Our players may have changed over the years but our commitment to innovation remains the same. Every game, cabinet, and equipment is an extension of the dedicated people who create these technologies

— says the company’s representative.

Incredible Technologies casino software: iGaming products

Our team of experts will explain why you should choose the provider’s offer and what are the most in-demand developments, which have changed the very essence of gambling.

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From the 80s to the Present: the Evolvement of the American Supplier

The company was established in 1985, and its founders are still at the helm, holding the positions of vice president and CEO.

At first, the studio’s staff consisted of Richard Ditton, the NACA software engineer, and Elaine Hodgson, the biochemist. Moreover, the company's office was below the stairs in the house of one of the co-founders.

For several years, the firm has been focused only on the creation of game concepts and products for other industry-specific enterprises. The first proprietary solution was released only in 1988 and caused a real furore in the market.

One of the most successful products of the company was the Capcom Bowling video game. After it was released, the studio expanded its staff and presented several more solutions with similar mechanics.

Another technical breakthrough took place a year later. In 1989, the manufacturer created the Golden Tee Golf version, a unique multiplayer video golf platform. The project became so successful that it was repeatedly released and installed on new platforms. The latest version was presented in 2021.

An interesting fact is that Golden Tee is the only cross-platform game in the studio's product range that is compatible with both gaming sites and engines of offline hardware systems.

Today, the brand mostly deals with the production of slot machines for offline establishments. Products for online locations is another line represented by 40 titles.

The brand's e-catalogue includes mostly video poker and various game mechanics that are often used by other famous brands, such as:

  • NYX Gaming;
  • Red Queen Casino;
  • Lightning Box, and others.

Despite the limited series, the vendor’s offer has repeatedly received prestigious awards and was named “The most successful product for iGaming business” in the Product of the Week charts.

Currently, there are 200 employees in the company’s staff. The production department and the company’s headquarters are located in the vicinity of Chicago.

The product is represented by tens of thousands of games popular in the US and other countries. The brand supplies its solutions to Peru, the UK, Macau, and the Philippines.

Hardware Solutions from the Supplier

Hardware solutions from Incredible Technologies

The studio's portfolio contains a wide range of devices for offline locations: from compact solutions for small gambling rooms to giant cabinets with support for multiplayer game modes.

We can break down all developments into 2 categories:

Gambling Equipment

It includes more than 6 products, the most interesting of which are:

  1. The Infinity Pilot series. It is equipped with the main screen with 55-inch diagonal and side vertical LED panels placed closer to the central zone. This design allowed the developer to achieve a 3D effect and give the panel maximum volume and depth.
  2. The Prism VXP line. This is a new offer released in 2021. A cabinet has 3 screens: 27" centre projector, 18.5" control panel, and 55" background monitor located behind the reels. The feature of this solution is the built-in engine, which expands the central zone by 14 inches with each successful move.
  3. Infinity Super Skybox. This type of software is designed as an interactive arcade game. The special structure of the cabinet allows operators to create several modifications of multi-game rooms on one basis where 1–4 machines can be placed. The devices are “connected” not only with bonuses and a progressive jackpot: there is also a huge display placed above the game panels.

Advertising Equipment

The studio offers equipment for branding and the organisation of advertising broadcasts in gambling halls. There are several original series available:

  1. Infinity V55 Edge. This is a 3D LCD screen, which is installed on devices of the same name. Several types of panels are available for installation in the side areas and on the back of the cabinet. Each monitor can be programmed to broadcast individual commercials and special offers.
  2. Prisma Flex Edge. Ultra-slim LED panels with 4K support. It is possible to place screens between cabinets and create a wide variety of configurations with their help. The vendor has provided several mounting options, and the built-in PrismaFlex technology provides a revolution of the panel through 105 degrees.
  3. Jumbo Edge. The gambling-oriented software by Incredible Technologies combines 2 patented functional solutions: a special monitor mounting system and a flexible configuration of touch panels. The structure can be installed in portrait/landscape modes, mounted above cabinets or used autonomously.

Online Entertainment from the Supplier

Despite the limited range of offers, Incredible Technologies internet casino slots for sale are very in-demand. On the brand’s website, there are 2 sections for online partners:

Home Edition

The virtual platform is available in the form of a personal account. This is a separate module that duplicates the entire set of content and game functionality of the arcades.

In fact, customers get a personalised downloadable product and an account that can:

  • track the statistics of the game sessions;
  • customise the chosen character;
  • select a specific location;
  • create teams of participants.

Operators can also purchase a set of compact “home” equipment. Gamblers can play exclusively on the Web or order a game cabinet simulator (a detachable device that should be connected to home TV).

Products are sold in 2 ways:

  • by ordering a game cabinet under the White Label scheme;
  • by buying slots after obtaining the status of a sales representative.


This is a multi-tasking module for organising multi-user events. The platform was developed on the basis of HTML5 technologies and can receive all types of traffic, including mobile visitors.

Solutions that are part of the vendor’s tournament software

Golden Tee

Online video golf platform with dozens of playing areas and a large selection of individual and team sessions.

We provide a full range of products and services to improve the user experience:

  • multilevel statistics and the history of drawings;
  • regular drawings;
  • various character settings;
  • the ability to form teams, issue personal invitations to participate in specific events, etc.

Silver Strike Live

Video bowling with good visual effects and a multi-level bonus system. Thousands of users choose the vendor’s software for the following reasons:

  • wide range of team quests;
  • detailed statistics and the history of actions;
  • flexible settings of characters and locations;
  • regular drawings with material prizes, such as cars or boat trips

Power Putt Live

It is designed for fans of mini-golf. The project is updated and supplemented with new services annually. The vendor regularly adds new locations, and besides, there are 2 game modes:

  • a single game session against AI;
  • team battles

Reasons to Launch Casinos by the Incredible Technologies Provider

Reasons to launch casinos by Incredible Technologies

The content of this brand is supported by the platforms of many famous operators. It is so popular due to the following features and technical innovations:

Mechanics of the Game Session

The supplier is famous for non-standard solutions and offers a number of original mechanics and functions:

  1. The changing number of active lines. The portfolio includes content with standard mechanics and 15–40 lines but games with 1,296 or more combinations have become the most popular with the audience. The number of paylines depends on the actions of users.
  2. The patented Reelfecta function. The program has a function of the random expansion of the active zone: after one of the spins, the main reels go down, and an additional 4x4 grid replaces them.
  3. Increased payout limits. They are often offered in the main quests, and in the side rounds, their number increases significantly. The size of the multiplier depends on the strategy and actions of users and can reach x4 to the initial bet.
  4. Cycles of respins. Incredible Technologies turnkey casinos have a complete set of solutions for the maximum retention of the target audience. The supplier’s feature is a large-scale series of free spins that can be extended. In total, you can get up to 100 additional launches per session.
  5. Side quests. The provider has developments with additional hidden rounds. They are launched after users perform a series of actions specified by the program. It is not mandatory to complete the tasks, they do not affect the final result of the main round but they give gamblers more opportunities to increase their winnings.
  6. Corporate strategies. Registered casino visitors can view the full history of past sessions and can develop their algorithms on their basis. The scheme of moves can be adjusted in real-time and used for automatic play in the future.

Visualisation and Style of the Interface

The Incredible Technologies online-based casinos provider pays a lot of attention to the visual design of its projects. They have the most realistic graphics, atmospheric animation inserts, and background sound.

Video broadcasts have an increased frame frequency, which makes images brighter and more voluminous. Besides, there is a line of solutions with 3D support.

Content can be launched in portrait and landscape modes.

Retention of the Target Audience and Promotion

The supplier has launched a loyalty program that guarantees maximum user response.

Casino visitors are offered:

  1. Regular promos. They are held daily and weekly. Moreover, the company provides both monetary and material prizes (equipment, cars, and package tours).
  2. Updates of digital systems. New features and functions are constantly added to the software. Thus, in the updated version of Golden Tee, gamblers can choose locations, change the avatars of their characters, give personal invitations to the team, etc.
  3. Support for multiplayer competitions. Projects are designed for several PvP event formats: closed VIP tournaments, team competitions (for up to 16 users), and single quests against an AI program.
  4. Promotion via the YouTube platform. The system does not just save the session’s history. The best moves are recorded and videos can be uploaded to YouTube through a user account.
  5. Gift cards. The online module has a built-in “Shop” section where it is possible to buy a card, replenish it from one dollar, and give it as a gift to a new or already registered client. The certificate can be used to place a bet in any event organised by the brand.

The Main Things about Offers of IT Inc.

Having entered the market back in 1985 and launched a line of interactive video games, the studio radically changed the very concept of gambling entertainment and provided users with several innovative products.

  • The brand’s calling card is offline equipment. It includes cabinets for every taste: from retro-style models to innovative solutions with multiple screens and touch control panels.
  • Online offers can be divided into 2 categories: a game cabinet and a module for holding multiplayer golf championships. The developments are adapted to receive mobile traffic and please gamblers with an extensive set of administrative and user settings.
  • The supplier has created a unique customer retention system. It includes recognisable bonuses in the form of re-spins and multipliers, games with side quests, and the ability to publish videos with the most successful moves on YouTube.

To order solutions created by the company, just contact the managers of Casino Market. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your startup and offer the best solutions.

From us, you can buy:

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Our studio is your lucky ticket to the world of transparent, reliable, and profitable gambling business!

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