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International Betting Integrity Association Launches in US and Canada

17 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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IBIA, the group that is responsible for wagering integrity and fairness, has announced it would monitor the activities throughout the US and Canada. It will now play a huge part in making sure that all the regulations are complied with.

IBIA launches in the US and Canada

Implemented Changes

The system will now monitor the markets of Northern America and seek out any rule-breaking actions. It was also announced that the famous company DraftKings, along with the equally respected brand FanDuel, will cooperate with IBIA in their daily work.

The organisation has obtained documentation in various states and provinces across the US and Canada.

Comments from IBIA

Khalid Ali, who runs the committee that will monitor integrity on the market, has commented on the new development. He confirmed the news about the group's involvement in the continent’s industry and said that they had a high-quality control system based on financial transactions. The executive believes that it will be effective enough to support and protect the expansion of bookmaker business in these countries.

In Ali's words, the main goal of the association is to make sure the region’s industry remains safe and secure from all the dubious activities. As the new rules are implemented all the time, the IBIA officials have advised focusing more on the protection of the local market. Ali stated he and his team are looking forward to doing their job.

FanDuel's Perspective

The representative of FanDuel, John Sheeran, made it known that his enterprise has a lasting history of working alongside IBIA through multiple brands and initiatives. He noted that he and his team are happy with the recent adjustments in the workflow.

As he stated, cooperating with the integrity association will add a layer of protection to the products that are served to the customers by local betting companies. In Sheeran's words, knowing that they are secure is what matters the most to the clients.

Insight from DraftKings

Roy Pollitt, the high-ranking official from DraftKings, also voiced his thoughts on the new collaboration with the integrity committee. He stated that it was especially important for his company to work on the product that will appeal to clients and make sure to keep them safe in the process.

The expert welcomed IBIA to the market of Canada and the US and praised their insistence on setting solid standards in the wagering business.

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