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Relax Gaming Executive Talks about the Release of Money Train 3

10 november 2022
Author: James Burton
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Daniel Eskola, who represents the large company Relax Gaming, talked about one of the brand’s latest entertainment products.

Relax Gaming’s Daniel Eskola about Money Train 3

Money Train 3 continued a streak of successes, which the executive has also gone on to discuss.

About Money Train 3

Mr Eskola started by saying that the reception of the fresh title was incredible, and the company’s employees did not expect such amazing success. Even though the stakes were initially quite high, the reality has exceeded them all. The third part has become more popular than its predecessors and gained prominence worldwide.

In the opinion of the official, Relax is currently prospering due to the dedicated effort of its developers. The new game perfectly encapsulated everything that made the original so beloved.

Victory Factors

The executive talked about how it is of great significance for his company to create jackpot caps that are possible to attain. Fairness is an important aspect of the brand’s activity, and thorough rewards development is one of the ways the employees make sure of it.

Speaking of the new release, Mr Eskola stated that 14 players have already won the x100,000 jackpot in only four first days of the launch. In his words, this signifies that everything is possible and any player can become lucky, which motivates people to gamble.

The company frequently gets contacted by gamblers who want to experience their impressive victories again by replaying them. This demonstrates that the group is on the right path when it comes to the excitement factor.

The developer’s strategy works incredibly well in the current gaming climate. It leads to:

  • enjoyment for players;
  • great results for partners;
  • a positive outcome for the company;
  • amazing experiences for everyone.

Successful Mechanics

The executive also spoke about some of the mechanics that were recently developed by the company, stating which ones were the most impressive for customers. For instance, the Shapeshifter development has received a lot of praise from users, as it has great potential for being a fascinating bonus game. Because of the high anticipation factor, every new spin feels more exciting.

The inclusion of the attribute into the new game was strongly influenced by player opinions, and the company’s representatives are satisfied that the feedback is positive.

Some other well-liked features developed by the group are:

  • Tommy Gun;
  • Necromancer;
  • Persistent Collector/Payer.

The enterprise’s professionals have done a lot of research that provided impressive results and showed the passion that the company has. In addition, it helped connect with players and fulfil their wishes. Often, operators also assist by giving insider information about the latest tendencies in the industry and how to better implement them.

Important Lessons

In the words of Mr Eskola, his group received plenty of valuable lessons from the launch of the first two games of the series. Because of this, each release had more impressive attributes and beneficial features. A significant part of the process was listening to players, who voiced their preferences and influenced the game development.

The slot concept creation stage was longer than the other ones, as employees felt the pressure that came with providing a successful sequel. The second part of Money Train was already a hit, so a lot of work and effort was put into thinking about how to make it even better. In the end, the fresh release was enhanced with more perks.

What makes the game stand out, in the opinion of the executive, is a variety of combinations that can all contribute to the victorious result. Every new sequel brings some additional complexity. Developers constantly aim for a better outcome while preserving the original simplicity.

Anticipation of the Game

Speaking of the company’s commercial strategy, the executive says:

  • their employees usually contact operators for initial game promotion;
  • representatives organise meetings to present fresh developments.

The company values transparency in all of its actions and likes to keep operators involved. In the opinion of the executives, it is important to familiarise partners with the titles so that promotion can feel more genuine. Communicating with other members of the industry is also a perfect way to spread information.

Relax’s Plans

When asked whether there will be the fourth instalment of Money Train or any other related title, Mr Eskola responded that it is rather early to say for certain. In his words, planning these types of projects takes a lot of resources, and there is always pressure to stay relevant in the market. Therefore, before working on something, the company needs to be sure that the fresh title will include more innovations than its predecessors.

The executive also teased a few interesting upcoming releases. He mentioned Dream Drop Jackpots, which has become a recent hit on the market, and said that there will be other similar products in the future.

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