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RTP: Calculation, Use in Games, Benefits for Entrepreneurs

24 may 2022
Author: James Burton
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Return to Player (RTP) is a term known to all iGaming distributors. Even so, not everyone is aware of how to correctly calculate this percentage and how it differs among entertainments.

RTP in gambling: calculation, use, benefits

The Casino Market team provides a complete overview of the return-to-player rate for gambling business owners.

Coefficient Determination

Among operators, RTP is the percentage that is calculated for gameplay over a long period. In general, this level is the opposite of the House of Edge calculation, which presents mathematical advantages for businesses in various forms of entertainment.

Since distributors work in the long term, a large proportion of games have a fairly high level of return to players, namely 95−97%.

The RTP calculation is quite simple. To determine it, the total amount that is repaid to users should be split by the amount that players bet for the game. The resulting number should be multiplied by 100%. Nevertheless, the percentage for online slots may seem not so easy, as it does not indicate how often participants can expect success.

In entertainment such as blackjack, everything is plain, as there is a clear win for half of all deposits. However, slots can bring customers large amounts, but there will be fewer wins. The final result over time converges to the specified point, namely the payout percentage for players is a little less than an overall turn.

The average level of RTP among different entertainment is:

  • slots — 93−99%;
  • European roulette — 97%;
  • American roulette — 95%.

Other amusements are quite difficult to calculate because users can have different strategies. For example, in Craps, there are plenty of betting types and RTP varies from high to low. Players can have superb blackjack skills, and then with excellent tactics, the practical return level is close to 100%.

How to Employ RTP?

The rate is one of the main drivers of the gambling business. With an understanding of this percentage, companies can make good profits. RTP calculation for bookmakers and casino operators is different, and it is easier to estimate the percentage of return to players in gambling than in betting.

The rate of repaying in different online games is checked regularly, especially for complex amusements. This is vital for obtaining and maintaining a licence.

In entertainment such as roulette, calculating the level is easier than in complex games. This activity has 18 winning numbers and 19 or 20 losing, which depends on the type of wheel on which the action takes place. In roulette, the advantage of a house is determined with some simple calculations.

Return Percentage in Slot Machines

Return percentage in online slots

People see RTP action in slots more than in other amusements since these machines are the fastest to pay prizes. The logic is simple: the higher the return percentage, the more users get. Many participants are already familiar with this word, so they are actively looking for the designation on the platforms of distributors.

The majority of games work similarly, but look different. However, slots fall into one of two types:

  • low variance;
  • high variance.

In the first category, there is a small probability of losing money rapidly. These machines offer modest but frequent remunerations. The second type is entertainment with big rewards. Players tend to agree to a lower RTP in the race for huge prizes.

RTP Level in Roulettes

Different variations of this type of gambling, namely American and European, have 2 ways of placing bets:

  • on odds/evens and colour;
  • on numbers in rows, slits, etc.

These options are equivalent when calculating RTP on the American roulette wheel. The return level on a double-zero table is markedly less than in its European equivalent. Initially, the difference of 2.6% may seem insignificant, but in the long run, it grows into extensive sums.

Return Rate in Blackjack

Many operators have a wide variety of this popular entertainment, and each type has a different level of RTP.

Compared to the traditional version, the rate of the following games is lower:

  • Super Fun 21;
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack;
  • Hi Lo, etc.

The premium blackjack has 99.67% of RTP while the classic one offers 99.4%. Few gamblers have the opportunity to play the optimal strategy, and they usually fight to maintain their discipline. However, even the low-return versions of the game in combination with a bad strategy do not lead to a rate below 95%.

RTP is a useful tool for distributors. This level significantly affects the player’s choice of games. The right selection of content with good RTP should be one of the main concerns of business owners.

You can order slots with profitable RTP at the Casino Market studio. We also offer customised game development with unique mechanics to suit your needs.

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