Slotegrator’s Opinion on Tech Requirements in Game Development

09 march 2023
Author: James Burton
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Dmytro Taran is one of the most significant representatives of Slotegrator, the COO. He manages a variety of tasks:

  • participates in product realisation;
  • reviews the technological activity;
  • helps with project management;
  • works in the customer delivery department, etc.

Game tech requirements: Slotegrator's opinion

The expert gave an interview in which he spoke about content creation requirements for the gambling field.

About Technical Standards

Mr Taran said that these are the common features addressed to gaming programs, for instance:

  • products' evolution;
  • the quickness of development;
  • the variety of the gameplay;
  • the platform's functions, etc.

These parameters define a high-quality solution. Slotegrator's objectives are set according to users' requirements. The company's development team makes safe products for clients to avoid any risks.

Dmytro Taran said that developers should integrate fresh high-tech tendencies into their games. These are:

Innovations in content development are highly dynamic. So, it is necessary to stay abreast of technology to offer players more engaging entertainment.

Gamers' Expectations

Mr Taran said that gamblers are much greater detail-oriented and demanding today. They evaluate not only the entertainment but the whole platform. Furthermore, the users pay attention to other products on the site.

Punters' demands and complexity of needs increase every year. Such a factor prompts Slotegrator to improve the tech aspects of its products. In this way, the company meets all the demands of consumers.

Future Innovations

According to Mr Taran, operators must consider several hi-tech solutions for the upcoming months and years. Blockchain technology is already used in various apps. Such tools already allow for realising more comprehensive and competitive content.

The COO of Slotegrator added that in 2024, the technical standards could incorporate various AI elements. Artificial intelligence will be necessary, especially in operators' decision-making processes. Programs would work instead of people. Also, fresh possibilities would be created to improve manufactured products.

Transparency in the Technical Standards for Games

Tech standards for games: transparency

Dmytro Taran said that reputation always comes first for a decent firm, regardless of the field of work. Clarity in operations is crucial.

Slotegrator maintains a high level of honesty in its business relationships with:

  • customers;
  • partners;
  • the members of the company themselves.

The studio is transparent about all its operations. The company considers it a vital element in achieving great results in the future.

Role of Regulators in Meeting Technical Standards

According to Mr Taran, the authorities' requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. They do everything to reduce the number of problem gamers. Gambling is a form of amusement and must remain so without becoming a pathology. Governments sometimes create new conditions to achieve this goal. The fresh laws may complicate operators' and developers' work.

Slotegrator promotes responsible gaming. Therefore, great attention is paid to every aspect of gambling. The certification of software is always done with the utmost care.

Furthermore, the company avoids aggressive marketing. The aim is to get punters to visit casinos of their free will. Users should not feel pushed on a platform to enjoy the content. Using ID technology, the firm evaluates the behaviour of punters. In this way, Slotegrator determines whether the visitor is playing willingly. This aspect is a first-order priority for many operators and manufacturers.

Limits to Development

Mr Taran noted that technological factors to be met are springboards. To create new products that fulfil the demand, Slotegrator first improves its tools and processes. The studio sees the regulatory framework as an opportunity for growth.

To live up to high standards, the company carries out various operations:

  • regularly receives fresh cases;
  • researches best practices;
  • discovers cutting-edge methods in the industry, etc.

Such an approach allows Slotegrator to constantly evolve. Its products are manufactured according to the latest requirements in the gambling field.

The brand is currently seeking to enlarge the number of certificates it holds. This will help the firm to increase the quality of its content and make it even more competitive in the market.

How Slotegrator Assists Operators in Meeting Tech Standards

The firm follows regulatory modifications at any level, including:

Such an approach makes it possible to fulfil operators' requests and help in their work.

Mr Taran also spoke about Slotegrator's secret to success. He said that compliance with requirements is the reason for the high quality of the software realised. It also shows the ability to adapt to an ever-changing market.

The methodologies used in the manufacturing of the programs are varied. Success comes from the team's flexibility.

The priority is given to the following factors:

  • compliance with technical standards;
  • attention to regulatory aspects;
  • exploring users' feedback, etc.

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