The Effectiveness of the Gamification Trend

28 april 2022
Author: James Burton
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The gaming universe is progressively scaling. This field has repeatedly come up in the analysis of media sources. As an example, Slotegrator calls gamification the most widespread trend in the digital gambling segment.

Gamification in the online gambling business

Casino Market will reveal some key points that will help us understand why and how gaming affects the attraction of new attendants and the retention of practised players.

The rivalry is constantly growing, and the exacting audience is continually looking to see something new and gain fresh sensations. The purposes of operators are to be flexible to customer needs and personalise their proposals. That is why plenty of brands gamify their portals. Thuswise, they reward the customers who sign up for a mailout or make a deposit.

Operator’s Forms of Gamification Initiative

There are marketing tools that draw the attention of new attendants and reward the most ambitious players. A great bonus is that entrepreneurs can customise their campaigns through the backend system.

Loyalty Programs

Points motivate people to stay on the site and make deposits for as long as possible. It looks like this: the more points a player gets, the higher his tier is.

Typically, this loyalty program consists of 3−6 levels. iGaming sites reward the participants in the first tier if they make their deposit there. The basic levels are for people involved in the daily rotation and promotions. Higher tiers give people exclusive prizes, including invitations to unique VIP events.

Special Bonuses

Here it all depends on the imagination of the operator. Everything is conditional on the platform specifics, and the most common bonuses are deposits, greetings, loyalty and activity prizes.

Tournaments and Leaderboards

As long as competition exists, there is always progress. Casino operators use this rule skillfully. They encourage players to climb to the top by inviting them to participate in tournaments. Those who win the competition take first place in the ranking table.

Providers Initiate Gamification

Gamification from providers: features

Increasingly, the providers are turning to the trend of gamification, improving their platforms by adding new features.

Level Bypass

It is one of the most popular gamification constituents. When a player reaches the highest level, he feels great. Subsequently, he continues to plunge into the online gambling industry.

Assignments and Missions

The higher the goal, the more interested the player is in the game. Tournaments are more popular than missions. However, the latter also does not go unnoticed by players. As soon as the participant completes the task, he takes his reward and proceeds to the next mission. Then the user receives a prize and the opportunity to move further.

Operators utilise the APIgrator protocol from Slotegrator for installing gambling content into their platforms. Over 7,000 certified games from around the world pass through it. The log file allows the integration of entertainment that features bright graphics and innovative animation solutions.

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