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What Has Changed in Slot Machines since the Start of the Century?

27 june 2022
Author: James Burton
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It is hard to find similarities between modern and 20-year-old slots. Products have matured and their collections have expanded dramatically over the years.

Casino slots: changes throughout the years

The Casino Market team has considered the evolution of this popular gambling vertical

Distribution Options

The first slot sites required software installation. This is because game platforms were built on Flash technology. However, modern platforms have been using HTML5 technology for quite a long time. With the help of the innovation, users can easily access unlimited game content through a desktop or mobile browser, without the need to install the software.

The appearance of web portals has changed dramatically. For 20 years, the sites have evolved from slow and clumsy to smooth and fast.

Platforms use attractive visual elements to revitalise the gameplay. They are optimised for mobile devices, giving people the opportunity to enjoy entertainment at any time and anywhere.

Variety of Proposals

People get bored with the same slots, so providers adapt to the audience’s needs and release games almost every week.

Developers try to surprise users with:

  • new features;
  • exciting bonuses;
  • fascinating animation, etc.

Gaming platforms have impressive portfolios with thousands of offers.

The selection of slots has grown exponentially due to:

  • Megaways mechanics;
  • cascade reels;
  • avalanche-like spins, etc.

Many activities provide players with the opportunity to purchase bonuses, which eliminates the necessity to wait for prize symbols.

Live casinos are also in huge demand among users, as the action is broadcast from a specially designed terrestrial studio with real dealers.

The industry offers players progressive jackpots where people can win millions thanks to networking technologies.

How Do Modern Players Pay?

Payment methods in slot machines

Not only have the slot machines changed but so have the payment methods. It will no longer be necessary to wait a few days to replenish the gaming balance. Platforms enable their customers to remunerate for their entertainment quickly and safely in a variety of ways.

Funding options include eWallets, where players are not required to disclose their bank details. Also, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has forced business owners to offer their clients to fund entertainment with virtual money.

Distributor Control

For several years, government authorities have intensified the up-regulation of the online amusement market, forcing operators to comply with restrictions to continue their work.

The control is aimed at protecting users to ensure maximum security and defend players from gambling risks. If distributors do not comply with the rules, they may lose their licence. Government regulations aim to ensure that funds are not the result of illicit profits.

Such measures push operators to:

  • control users' game;
  • secure anti-money laundering;
  • remind people of time spent on entertainment, etc.

Special Offers

iGaming has become more open and fair to users in recent years. Promotions and offers present generous rewards to customers.

Slot enthusiasts demand passable and transparent gameplay, and now a growing number of distributors are taking this into account and implementing it.

Looking for a high-performance slot for your platform? Check with the Casino Market specialist. We will design the perfect entertainment to please your customers and increase profits.

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