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Yggdrasil Shares Thoughts about Tech Advancements in Gambling

08 september 2022
Author: James Burton
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Stuart McCarthy, a representative of Yggdrasil Gaming, discusses the provider’s goals to remain at the forefront of technological advancement. The Casino Market team presents the main summary of his words.

Yggdrasil's Stuart McCarthy: tech gaming advancement

The Expert about Innovations

Yggdrasil contests with a wide range of developers for the interest of gambling distributors and eventually consumers in a highly competitive market.

Without the ongoing quest for a better way to produce games or design new engagement tools, the brand's position in the market would quickly be snatched by more creative and active suppliers. This is why Yggdrasil encourages innovation on all fronts and identifies it as a way of putting a terrific, game-changing idea into action in a significant way.

To create innovations, according to Mr McCarthy, a team needs:

  • a desire to stagger the status quo;
  • the capability to see how things can be done more effectively;
  • the passion, knowledge and confidence in performing tasks to maximise the idea's worth.

Top Technological Advancements

In the decade that it has been a major player in the gaming business, Yggdrasil has accomplished many wonderful products:

  • BOOST;
  • iSense;
  • GEMs, etc.

Nevertheless, Mr McCarthy believes that GATI (Game Adaptation Tools & Interface) is the technology that will inevitably determine the future of Yggdrasil.

He thinks that the BOOST suite of advertising instruments helped the team gain recognition. The iSense game framework managed to bring the brand streamlined production time and set ultra-fast download speed. It also assisted the company to capitalise on the abilities of its teams. GEMs such as GIGABLOX and MULTIMAX continue to provide an exciting UX.

Recognised Innovative Tool

GATI is the focal point of the commercialisation of the provider's games and those from the Yggdrasil Masters programme. The solution is a total reinvention of how slots are created and marketed.

It was invented to refute the idea that brands must perform such tasks before moving to direct development:

  1. Build and maintain an RGS.
  2. Locate it across various states.
  3. Continuously improve and adapt the solution to address the challenges of market regulation.
  4. Negotiate and integrate with distributors.

Thanks to GATI, a game can be securely built into a single, unified platform with all the necessary creation, testing and distribution tools. It guarantees the product will be legal in every market the businesses want to release it in. Meanwhile, the platform is open to multiple studios working on different technologies in various locations around the world.

The solution relieves companies of all the labour-intensive tasks and enables them to concentrate on what they do best — creating outstanding games.

How to Input Innovations

Casino software development: innovations

According to Mr McCarthy, openness to new ideas and communication inside the organisation are key to development. It also has a lot to do with momentum, creating a rhythm for delivering quality, and recognising team members' achievements.

A business that lives on development and the effective commercialisation of ideas is well positioned to continue to succeed.

The specialist explains that any innovation is an extremely well-planned procedure. Business ideas can appear from time to time but they are just ordinary plans until put to use in the marketplace. To turn concepts into something with clear value that can be organised and delivered, it is necessary to take the time to acquire, evaluate, and question the ideas.

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