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Betting Industry Fights Gender Bias In International Women’s Day Campaign

09 march 2022
Author: James Burton
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A few large wagering groups have started a massive campaign that drives attention to gender discrimination issues. Companies like DraftKings, Kindred and Flutter aim to drive attention to misogynist tendencies in gambling and empower women ahead of IWD 2022.

Betting industry fights gender bias in IWD 2022 campaign

Basics of the Project

This initiative is supposed to gather resources for those who are in need of support when it comes to gender bias issues. The executives that represent companies involved in the project are highly committed to the cause. One of the planned approaches is to share videos that recount various experiences of female industry workers facing discrimination.

Comments from All-In Diversity

According to Kelly Kehn, who represents All-In Diversity, the campaign has gotten plenty of support and encouragement from some of the largest groups worldwide. The organiser stated that they have received overwhelming blessings from multiple continents.

She said that there is still plenty of work to be performed when it comes to fighting gender-related struggles in the industry. However, in her words, the most influential groups are prepared to handle this fight.

The companies have filmed 3 short movies about the gender inequality problems, which will be presented at the beginning of March. These films will come out under the special hashtag #breakthebias.

Kehn added that her group is expecting to make a change in the industry by releasing this emotional campaign to the public. She concluded that the movies will not only demonstrate particular moments that occurred to women, but will capture the fight for female visibility in the field of gambling.

Square in the Air Provides Insight

Stewart Darkin, the representative of the other company that cooperates with Kehn’s group on this initiative, called the project very significant for the industry. He praised the team of his partners and said that together, they were able to bring awareness to the issue of gender discrimination. In his opinion, the movies that were made perfectly encapsulate the problems of female workers in the gambling sphere.

In his opinion, there are plenty of groups that are doing great when it comes to bringing light to diversity and inclusivity, as well as implementing these practices in their companies. Still, there is a lot of additional work that is left to be done, and Darkin appreciates that there is solidarity on this important matter between many of the largest companies.

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