Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Click2Pay Casino Payment System: Buy Branded Solutions

The Casino Market studio offers to buy a branded financial platform at affordable prices. Installing the Click2Pay casino payment system takes a minimum of time, and guarantees fast and trouble-free transactions from anywhere in the world.

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Key Product Information

Click2Pay casino payment system: key data

The Click2Pay payment system for online casinos was presented in 2018. The feature of the solution is instant one-touch transfers with automatic verification of clients and minimal commissions.

The software can be used in various internet areas:

  • eCommerce;
  • medicine and health care;
  • insurance;
  • finance;
  • gambling and other industries.

The system is universal: it is suitable for any business without being tied to the registration of a legal entity.

The author of the solution is Foghorn Payments, which makes convenient, safe and reliable transactions directly from bank deposit accounts. The main office of the developer is located in Toronto (Canada), and the scope of his interests extends to clients from North America and Europe.

Mike Bradley is the CEO of Foghorn Payments. The staff includes 70+ specialists in the field of online transfers, retail and digital banking.

Why It Is Worth Launching the Payment Service Click2Pay

Click2Pay payment system for casinos

Mike Bradley noted:

We provide a smooth, fast and secure payment process for all customers, along with a high quality of service, and implement innovative IT solutions in our branded service.

The main advantages of the development:

High speed of operations

The program is easy and comfortable to use thanks to one-touch translations and the use of unique QR codes.

The connection of the payment system Click2Pay goes through the gambler's bank card. During the initial registration, a player needs to link an account to a plastic or electronic card. During the game, money is deducted from it for spins, and prize money and bonuses are awarded.

The company provides instant transactions. In addition, the user does not need to pass verification every time

Integration with banking operators

The Click2Pay payment system for online casinos supports transfers through any bank or financial institution in Canada and the USA. The program is linked to the Canadian Creditors Association (CLA) and other popular electronic transaction services.

The product is integrated with international payment networks, including MasterCard and Visa. Recently, MasterCard Corporation released a branded plastic card Click2Pay

No limits on the number of transfers

Connecting the payment system to the Click2Pay casino does not impose any restrictions on transactions. This fact is attractive for high rollers and fans of Blockchain slots who prefer to play at higher limits.

The setting of restrictions may be related to the internal policy of banks. Thus, most US financial institutions impose limits on the maximum transfer amount — up to $3,000 per day

Minimum commission

The fee is 1% of the transaction amount plus $1. Commissions can be paid by both the operator and the gamer.

The integration of the Click2Pay payment system into the casino does not provide for any registration, monthly or hidden transfers. Everything is as fair and transparent as possible

Convenient mobile application

You can download and install the payment service on the official website of the developer, in the Google Play and App Store online stores.

The mobile application has an adapted user interface and wide functionality. To confirm the transfer, punters just scan a unique QR code

High security

Information is transmitted over encrypted SSL channels, which guarantees complete protection against fraudsters.

Additional barriers have been installed on server hardware and cloud storage. They prevent hacker attacks and minimise the number of chargebacks

Useful Business Products for Operators

Click2Pay software: useful services

You can install the Click2Pay payment system at a casino with several proprietary solutions.

Universal Billing Gateway

The enterprise has developed a multi-tasking customer service to create, configure and send unique links to collect unpaid invoices.

Gamers and B2B partners (contractors, software manufacturers, affiliated services, advertising companies) just follow the Click2Pay link and pay the required amount from their bank account. Transactions are carried out in real-time without reference to the location of the client.

How billing software works:

  1. The entrepreneur generates payment links for a single invoice or package of documents using the Click2Pay API or Portal.
  2. The program tokenises the link in the form of a shortcode with an accompanying link and a QR mark.
  3. Biller extracts links and sends them along with text messages to their clients — gamers and B2B partners.
  4. Recipients pay bills, and notifications about successful transactions are sent to the operator's email.

Connecting the Click2Pay casino payment system with a billing gateway is beneficial for several reasons:

Optimisation of managing costs

The operator reduces expenses with minimal fees compared to paying with cash, credit cards or prepaid checks.

The chosen scheme of interaction with clients eliminates costly calls and visits, overdue transfers and collections

Comfortable installation

Integration of the casino with Click2Pay’s financial programs and billing service takes a minimum of time.

All exchange operations are configured through the server cloud and do not depend on the software code of the gambling project

Increasing payment culture

Using the program minimises the number of expensive reverse transactions and increases operating revenue

Multitasking Admin Platform

It is worth connecting the payment service for the Click2Pay casino along with an updated client portal.

Mike Bradley noted:

The relaunch of the proprietary platform increases the speed and efficiency of operations and makes the management of the financial gateway more comfortable and secure.

Our data shows that the percentage of successful transactions increases by 50% due to the use of the author's admin panel. Everything is as fast and transparent as possible, without risks for the operator and players.

Major updates in the client portal:

  1. Modification of electronic and text requests. Additional fields have been added to payment forms for identification and accelerated approval of transfers.
  2. Batch download requests. The function facilitates and speeds up fundraising. In one session, you can integrate 10+ thousand identical payment notifications, and conduct a personalised e-mail newsletter informing you about new promotions and great discounts.
  3. User management system. Game account administration service with adding and removing gamers, providing different levels of access, and sending personal discounts and bonus points for the active use of the Click2Pay program.
  4. Reporting module. Daily records on settlements, site performance, client requests, gambling project financial indicators, and the number of commission deductions.
  5. Refund of payments. A convenient, safe and reliable way to provide a refund for the players whose money was mistakenly credited to their game accounts.

API Portal for Operators

In January 2022, the company presented a universal API service for quick and hassle-free software installation.

Casino integration with the Click2Pay payment system is available for already functioning gambling sites and iGaming projects that are under development. The company provides a full set of tools for a seamless installation of financial products, instant service updates, and adding new features and templates.

The manufacturer provides round-the-clock support and consults on all technical and operational issues.

The Main Things about Installing the Financial Software

Foghorn Payments is a Canadian provider of high-tech financial operation solutions for the internet sector.

  • Click2Pay casino payment software is the most famous listing in the provider’s catalogue. The advantages of the program include high speed of transactions, integration with popular banking institutions, and no restrictions on the number of transfers.
  • The solution is characterised by high security and minimal commission. The company has developed a convenient mobile application that can be downloaded from its official website, Google Play and App Store online stores.
  • The company's product line includes a universal billing gateway, a multi-tasking administrator platform and a convenient API portal for operators.

You can order branded financial software at the Casino Market studio. We offer different installation options — as an independent solution or a ready-made casino gaming system.

Casino Market provides useful business services:

  • development of HTML5 slots according to individual sketches of the customer;
  • assistance in obtaining a licence and certificates of conformity;
  • marketing support for iGaming projects;
  • installation of affiliated services and much more.

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