Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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LiqPay Casino Payment System: Connect a Reliable Solution

Casino Market offers to incorporate the LiqPay payment service into the internet casino on favourable terms. This is a modern and secure transaction solution from Ukrainian developers.

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Liqpay casino payment system: benefits

The benefits of the financial module have already been appreciated by 25+ thousand entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy: from e-commerce and insurance to the entertainment industry.

Why It Is Worth Connecting the Payment Service LiqPay

Consider the main advantages of corporate products.

Support for Different Methods of Transaction

The solution is integrated with many popular systems including worldwide services and local products:

Privat Pay

The LiqPay payment system for internet casinos is associated with Privat24, a popular program for online transfers.

The service provides the option of transaction in 2 clicks. To replenish the game account, you need to select a card for debiting funds and confirm the operation in Privat24. Gamers can also pay through unique QR codes, which are automatically generated by the system.

More than 30% of the provider's clients choose transfers via Privat Pay. Players can use prepaid cards from PrivatBank and other financial institutions

Apple Pay

Instant mobile transfers using the Apple system, to which the client's bank cards are linked. The payment method works on personal mobile devices running iOS.

Integration of the LiqPay payment system can be established through the checkout function and a special widget

Google Pay

A secure and convenient way to make transactions using cloud technologies from Google.

To replenish a gambling balance or withdraw prize money, players just need to attach their Google account to the LiqPay system. Money is credited instantly without additional verification of the client


Linking of the payment system LiqPay with subsequent connection to a branded MasterCard card.

Transfers are credited within a few seconds. Transactions are available in US dollars, euros, Ukrainian hryvnias and other international and regional currencies

Visa Checkout

Quick, literally in three clicks, settlement for Visa card owners with the preliminary creation of an electronic wallet of the same name. To register, gamblers need to create a unique login and specify a password.

The players can replenish their gaming account on the gambling site, through the Visa system or by downloading the widget to your mobile device

Payment card

To transfer funds, a card of any bank that has been tested for compliance with PCI DSS security standards is suitable. The gamer needs to specify the standard details: card number, expiration date and security CVV code.

Software installation is available through a special widget, using the checkout option, or by creating a separate page on the gambling resource. In the latter case, payment will be made without additional redirection.

Innovative Ways to Conduct Transactions

It is worth installing the LiqPay system at the casino because of the easy and modern payment methods that it supports:

  1. Visa/MC/LiqPay tokens. When the first transfer of funds is made, the program saves the player's information (payment card details, full name of the holder) and writes them into a unique token. With each subsequent operation, the service accesses the saved token, and payment is made without entering information from the plastic card.
  2. FacePay. An innovative payment method using NFC technology for biometric face recognition. The gambler generates an invoice for payment and enters bank details in a special form. Next, a camera is turned on on the mobile device, which scans the client's face, after which the operation is confirmed.
  3. Payment in instalments. This is a credit that is provided to the user within the established limit. The solution is available only to iGaming project operators, i.e. legal entities. Money can be spent on the purchase of certified software, payment of royalties and commissions, and settlements with hosting specialists.

High Security

Liqpay payment system: high security

Installing the LiqPay system corresponds to:

  • international rules for the use of PCI DSS payment cards (the company is certified as a first-level financial services provider);
  • Mastercard SecureCode encryption module;
  • the automatic customer verification service Verified by Visa.

Data inside the system is transmitted via secure SSL channels, which guarantees their complete confidentiality and protection from unauthorised use by third parties. A powerful anti-fraud gateway is built into the program code, which reacts with lightning speed to hacker attacks, phishing and DDoS penetration.

The operator receives a modern and reliable payment environment with the possibility of instant transfers from anywhere in the world.

Minimum Commission Deductions

The integration of the LiqPay payment system provides for two main tariffs:

  • replenishment and withdrawal of funds using cards of Ukrainian banks — 0.6% of the transaction value;
  • operations using cards of foreign financial institutions — 2% of the transfer amount.

The manufacturer provides honest and transparent work to its business partners. Entrepreneurs do not pay to install software, they do not get surprises in the form of royalties, monthly rental transactions, and other hidden costs.

Integration with Bots

LiqPay is one of the few companies on the market that offers prompt and secure installation of a payment system in chatbots. These are virtual platforms based on popular instant messengers, where gamers get acquainted with the casino entertainment library, register, make initial deposits and spin slot reels.

The incorporation of the LiqPay casino payment system can be performed for chatbots based on Viber and Telegram.

To install the service, the customer needs to:

  • create a virtual assistant in the selected messenger;
  • bind payment keys to the bot (they can be found in the LiqPay business account);
  • set up the gambling robot according to the internal software documentation.

Transfers via Viber or Telegram bot provide for a single tariff plan. The commission percentage is 2.2% of the transaction amount.

Cross-Platform Environment

Connection of the system is available for gambling sites and mobile applications.

Installation is performed using API gateways, flexible SDK plugins, and built-in iFrame pages. Each operator has the right to choose the most convenient and cost-effective installation method for themselves.

To replenish a gaming account or withdraw prize funds, a gambler does not need to download additional software. All exchange operations take place in the selected browser. The program works flawlessly on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

You can install the software in ground-based self-service terminals. These are machines for accepting bookmaker bets, game cabinets with slot machines, and equipment for conducting lottery draws.

The system supports payment by cash or bank cards. A gambler is authorised by a phone or card number, and a minimum commission of 0.6% is charged for the transaction.

Branded Products for the iGaming Business

The provider offers several useful programs for comfortable and uninterrupted work in the market. They can be installed together with the main service or as additional software.

Convenient and Reliable P2P Transfers

A practical and inexpensive solution that is suitable for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large businesses.

The integration of the LiqPay payment system contributes to:

  • improving financial discipline in the company;
  • simplification of many supply chains;
  • acceleration of exchange transactions.

The program supports instant settlements with B2B partners — advertising and content studios, licensed software providers, affiliates, and tax authorities.

You can transfer funds to a card, through an IBAN account, using a mobile phone number, e-mails, or an individual token. The software is suitable for monthly salary payments to hired personnel — administrators, accountants, and technical specialists.

To set up P2P transactions, you need to:

  • register and activate a business account in the LiqPay system;
  • conclude an agreement for making payments;
  • set up exchange operations according to the LiqPay documentation.

Advertising Assistant Chugaister

This is a built-in marketing bot to attract the target audience to the gambling site, improve interaction with regular customers, and increase iGaming brand awareness.

Benefits of the software installation:

  1. Effective communication channel. Chugaister motivates users of Privat24 and LiqPay to register on the gambling site. As a rule, clients follow referral links, get verified at the casino and start spinning reels.
  2. Flexible marketing tools. The developer provides individual promotional codes, loyalty points, start-up bonuses, and great discounts, and uses other types of rewards to achieve maximum audience engagement. The built-in targeting module ensures the distribution of bonuses only to the target audience.
  3. Cost optimisation. The service functions without additional expenses for the production of marketing banners and other types of advertising.

The work of the service Chugaister is as follows:

  • the gambler makes a payment through the LiqPay system;
  • after the operation, they are offered a choice of one of three promotional offers in the form of various discounts and bonuses;
  • the client makes a choice and receives the desired gift.

The Main Things about Installing the Proprietary Software

Liqpay financial software: key things to know

The LiqPay system for internet casinos is a universal product for the business.

  • The solution can be easily installed on gambling sites and mobile applications. It may also be used in land-based gambling halls with self-service terminals.
  • The key advantage of the product is the support of various payment methods. These are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, Visa Checkout, and cards of Ukrainian and international banks. Transactions using tokens and NFC technology for biometric face recognition are available to operators.
  • The program is distinguished by a high level of security and minimal commission deductions. It is possible to integrate with casino bots, install convenient B2B transfers and the Chugaister advertising assistant.

To order a branded financial service, contact the manager of the Casino Market studio.

We offer fast and secure software installation, as well as a variety of useful business services. This is assistance in licensing and certification, marketing support, development of HTML5 slots, and much more.

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