Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Visa Casino Payment System: Secure International Transactions

Visa is a global financial institution that provides fast and secure money transfers. The service can be successfully used for conducting standard transactions and solving complex business problems since it is considered reliable by millions of users all over the world.

Payment system from the Visa provider

The launch of a casino with the Visa payment system takes a minimum of time and is simple and flexible. Contact the managers of the Casino Market studio and find out more about the advantages of the financial gateway.

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About the Corporation

Visa International Service Association is an international payment service that has representative offices in more than 200 countries.

The vendor does not issue credit funds, accept deposits, or issue cards. Its main goal is to provide B2B partners (enterprises, individuals, issuing banks, and acquirers) with the best financial services in the industry.

The brand was founded in 1958 by a businessman Dee Hock. For a long time, the firm was part of the Bank of America conglomerate until Visa Inc. was established in 2007.

Basic information on the payment system:

  • 479 billion dollars — the size of capitalisation of the financial conglomerate;
  • more than 21.5 thousand — the number of employees of the company;
  • more than 3.4 billion — the number of Visa bank cards that were obtained by the organisation's customers.

Since 2007, the developer's shares have been traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Since 2013, analysts have been guided by the current value of shares when calculating the Dow Jones index. The metric analyses the financial situation of the 30 largest US companies, including Visa.

Entrepreneurs can integrate the payment system into casinos (land-based and online locations), websites for the sale of lottery tickets, sports betting platforms, and other gambling facilities. The service has proven its worth in many industries: from paid healthcare and insurance to logistics services and air communication.

The Main Reasons to Install the Visa Casino Payment Service

Let us consider the key benefits of the described financial module:

Global coverage

The system is interconnected with more than 500 banks all over the world. These are international (for example, Raiffeisenbank) and local (for example, IdeaBank) commercial structures with local capital and foreign investments

Diverse product line

The company has developed useful solutions for small, medium, and large businesses, charitable foundations, startups, and other types of entrepreneurship.

The firm’s catalogue contains software for direct SWIFT transfers, traditional transactions between bank accounts, instant contactless payments, etc.

Useful business solutions

Operators can install a modern chatbot, a program to simplify purchases (Visa Purchasing), software for fast mobile transfers (Visa Checkout), and other support services

Good feedback from the audience

Visa is an international brand that is on everyone's lips. It is considered reliable by millions of gamblers from different countries who prefer to make deposits and withdraw funds with a minimum commission and as promptly as possible

Proprietary Solutions from the Provider

Visa payment service: connection

It is possible to connect the Visa casino payment system in several ways:

Visa Direct

The product supports fast and secure transfers to billions of endpoints, delivering funds to bank cards and accounts all over the world. It is a perfect option for the iGaming industry with the help of which it is possible to make mass payments, for example, within the framework of a bonus program or in cooperation with affiliates.

The installation of the Visa financial service will bring the following benefits to casino owners:

  1. Simplification of the procedure. Processing and validation of payments are carried out in real-time, thus increasing the overall performance of the gaming site. The provider offers direct transaction routing, due to which funds are instantly credited to the accounts of players and casino operators.
  2. Multi-currency support. Cross-border transfers are conducted in 160 monetary units. There is a loyal conversion rate that operates within the system. It is tied to the current quotes of national banks of the selected countries.
  3. Comfortable installation. The connection of the Visa payment system for casinos is characterised by the highest level of flexibility and simplicity. The company has developed adaptive user interfaces for websites and applications that work on the basis of Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.

Visa B2B Connect

This is a non-card multilateral payment network for direct cross-border transactions between banks.

The solution is suitable for medium and large gambling businesses, which are licensed in several jurisdictions. The Visa payment system for online casinos is an excellent choice for small enterprises that open foreign representative offices (for example, a website that offers lottery tickets for sale and has registered a new legal entity).

Brief description of the software:

  • Excellent performance. The service was developed for commercial purposes and can process several thousand operations per minute. Automatic data harmonisation guarantees financial institutions and their B2C customers that the solution will run smoothly.
  • Instant verification. Unique digital identifiers mark confidential user data and reduce the possibility of fraud.
  • Interoperability. The Visa B2B Connect program works smoothly in all browsers and is compatible with all popular operating systems.

Tap to Phone

In 2007, the developer was the first in the world to announce such a function as contactless transfers based on RFID technology. The system was later renamed Visa Contactless. The tool makes it possible to make payments by simply bringing the plastic card close to the POS terminal instead of inserting it into the device or passing it through the reader.

The Tap to Phone program is a continuation of the author's Visa Contactless technology. The product turns a smartphone with an NFC module into a POS terminal, providing fast one-touch transfers. The solution is suitable for land-based gambling halls, betting shops, and poker rooms.

To receive funds deposited by gamblers quickly and safely, operators do not need to buy expensive equipment, such as cash desks or self-service terminals. All functions are integrated into the Tap to Phone product, which guarantees entrepreneurs comfortable and profitable work.

Key features of the software:

  • Visa online casino payment system accepts all types of contactless cards;
  • payment can be made through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Watch;
  • after the transaction, the program generates an electronic receipt that is sent via instant messengers or e-mail;
  • more than 150 international banks are connected to the system, including 29 financial institutions from Ukraine (Privat24, Pravex-Bank, OschadBank, IdeaBank, and others).

High Level of Security of Financial Gateways

One of the main reasons to install the Visa payment system is its protective properties. The company's specialists are constantly working to improve security features in order to provide customers and B2B partners with the best services in the industry.

VisaNet Global Network

All transactions are conducted through the innovative VisaNet processing network. The solution provides high efficiency:

  • the processing speed is about 65 thousand transactions per second — performance is achieved without any technical failures;
  • more than 100 billion transfers worth 8.3 trillion dollars pass through the neural network per year.

The Visa concern owns 4 data centres: 2 of them are located in the United States and one each in Singapore and London. All establishments are equipped with the latest technologies. They are also protected against natural disasters (fires, earthquakes), system failures, and cyber attacks.

Visa Token Service

The decision to connect the payment system will improve the security of user data thanks to tokenisation.

The technology replaces confidential data of the account with a unique digital identifier: a token. Most often, the service encrypts a 16-digit bank account number, and less often — the client's full name, phone number, and e-mail address.

At the time of conducting transactions on the Web or when making a deposit through a mobile application (NFC), the program transfers a unique token to the banks (the issuing and acquiring). This approach guarantees secure transfers that do not require the need to reveal the details of a personal account.

Verified by Visa

The brand has provided an additional level of security (in the form of entering a password) when players deposit and withdraw funds.

There are 2 types of passwords:

  • static (is independently set by clients);
  • one-time (is sent by the bank as an SMS or voice call at the time of the transaction).

Protection of Contactless Payments

Such transfers work at a distance of up to 4 centimetres. This makes scanning of a bank card by fraudsters or accidental payments using someone else's QR code completely impossible.

Features of the security for NFC operations:

  • A one-time cryptographic code is generated for each transaction.
  • All transfers are protected at several levels: a card, a terminal, and a network.
  • The company uses artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, encryption algorithms, and other technologies to improve the security of financial transactions.

Visa Analytics Platform

Visa payment gateway: high level of security

Operators can connect the Visa payment service along with a well-thought-out functional admin panel.

Multi-Component Structure

Let us consider the main elements of a modern backend:

Portfolio Diagnostics

An application for quick viewing of performance indicators of debit, credit, and pre-paid cards in the operator's portfolio.

The program performs a comparative analysis that covers the main areas of evaluation of the financial performance of the casino business. These are the frequency of use of cards, payment channels, participation of foreign investors, and segments of the audience

Cardholder Analysis Dashboard

A user-friendly toolbar gives entrepreneurs a complete picture of the trends in the Visa product portfolio. The analysis is carried out on active accounts and positions of cardholders (gamblers) in relation to debit, credit, and prepaid solutions

The Reports Module

The integration of a casino with the Visa payment system provides operators with the access to detailed reporting in key areas of work:

  1. Finances. Entrepreneurs can generate reports on cash flows, net profit, income, and expenses, as well as conduct a comparative analysis of the revenue from gambling products and business segments.
  2. Risk management. The program creates analytical summaries of dates, types, and channels of actions of fraudsters. Operators can request a report on the overall level of fraudulent transactions according to the TC40 form.
  3. Operating activities. The section contains reports on authorisation, the number and amount of chargebacks, identification via the EMV chip, and the volume of tokenisation.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Financial Gateway

Visa is a global corporation that provides fast and secure money transfers all over the world.

  • The advantages of the payment module include global coverage, a diverse product line, and good feedback from the audience.
  • The company has developed services for mass payments (Visa Direct), operational cross-border transactions (Visa B2B Connect), and deposition and withdrawal of funds via smartphones with NFC technology (Tap to Phone).
  • All transactions are conducted through the VisaNet global neural network. The provider owns 4 powerful data centres in the US, Singapore, and the UK. Payment security is maintained through the use of Visa Token Service and Verified by Visa unique algorithms.
  • Visa Analytics Platform contains tools for generating reports and advanced analytics and conducting an overarching analysis of the main financial metrics of the enterprise.

The Casino Market company offers operators to install the Visa service for the maximum benefit. We can install payment modules on online platforms or in land-based gambling halls.

From us, you can order such useful products and services as:

For all questions, please contact our managers!

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