Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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AlphaPo Financial System: Buy the Premium Software from Casino Market

Cryptocurrency is a unique means of payment that is useful to major companies, leading political organisations, and titled economists. Businessmen are actively investing in start-ups with digital assets, including profitable iGaming projects.

Payment system from the AlphaPo provider

The brand’s payment system is a multi-tasking financial gateway based on Blockchain technology. The solution is characterised by uninterrupted operation, high speed of transfers, and good security. More than 30 cryptocurrency stock exchanges are connected to the module with the option of converting digital assets to fiat money.

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About the Developer

AlphaPo Ltd. is an American brand that creates modern solutions for cryptocurrency payments. The company is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an island country that is included in the Caribbean archipelago.

The legal work of the provider in an offshore zone gives its B2B partners several advantages:

  • simplification of mutual payments;
  • the right to a tax deduction;
  • the legitimacy of cryptocurrency transfers, and much more.

Entrepreneurs can integrate the AlphaPo system into casinos and marketplaces, travel booking and financial services websites, insurance platforms, and other commercial projects.

The software is suitable for e-commerce, tourism, and other business areas.

Modern Technological Stack

Those entrepreneurs who choose to connect the AlphaPo Blockchain system will be able to significantly increase the level of security of their gaming sites and mobile applications. Casino owners no longer have to worry about the security of confidential data, the smooth operation of servers, and the minimisation of chargebacks.

To achieve the maximum performance of the financial gateway, the development company uses up-to-date IT solutions.

Technologies used by the vendor


The financial system is based on allocated registers. These are peer-to-peer networks of billions of interconnected links. They store information about completed and planned transactions (based on smart contracts).

The data within the chain is encrypted using cryptographic methods. They cannot be faked, deleted, or transferred to third parties even theoretically.

For transactions with BTC, the SHA-256 encryption algorithm is used, for ZCash — Equihash, for LTC — Scrypt, etc.

Auxiliary IT solutions

To ensure the stability of the payment environment and the smooth operation of the service, as well as to minimise the risk of system failures, the following modern tools are used:

  • Google Universal Analytics;
  • Tilda;
  • Cloudflare CDN;
  • Cloudflare Website Optimization, and other technologies and programming languages.

The installation of the innovative AlphaPo system simplifies any routine management of an iGaming project: addition of new software systems, reinstallation of the solution, and much more

Reasons to Buy the AlphaPo Gateway: Advantages of the Product

AlphaPo payment service: advantages

The software package is one of the first projects based on the Blockchain, which was fully adapted to the requirements of the gambling industry.

The solution has such features as:

  • high speed of transfers;
  • support for anonymity, which is often extremely important for users;
  • security of mass payments, etc.

Let us consider how the multitasking module differs from the offerings provided by competitors.

Working with Different Tokens

The integration of a casino with the vendor’s financial service gives entrepreneurs access to uninterrupted financial transactions in more than 30 digital units. It includes the replenishment and withdrawal of funds, mining, money exchange at a loyal rate, investment in ICO projects, contracting of loans in cryptocurrency, and much more.

All options are collected in one place, which is very practical and convenient. Operators do not have to switch to third-party resources to convert monetary assets or conduct other Blockchain operations.

Multicurrency Support

At a time when traditional investment destinations (real estate, shares of stock exchanges) do not bring the expected income, it is worth pouring cash into cryptocurrency. The developer offers an opportunity for short- and long-term investments in the most popular tokens.

The connection of the AlphaPo system provides uninterrupted access to operations using:

  • Bitcoins;
  • Ethereums;
  • Litecoins;
  • Tesers, etc.

Both entrepreneurs and gamblers can conduct transactions in more than 25 fiat currencies. These are US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Japanese yen, and other monetary units.

Stable Performance

The legal connection of the system guarantees an instant transfer of funds. The maximum waiting time is 3 seconds in case the operations are carried out between 2 crypto wallets.

The high speed of the service is achieved due to the decentralised nature of the Blockchain. To transfer money, business owners do not need to obtain a permit from interbank organisations, tax authorities, and other controlling bodies.

The Highest Level of Security

The AlphaPo cybersecurity team monitors and instantly indicates any outside activity. These are attempts of hacker attacks, obfuscation of the code, the introduction of phishing programs, and other types of fraud that can cause enormous harm to a gaming site.

All data of operators and gamblers is stored on a hardware Blockchain wallet, and only the owners have access to it. Modern mass storage devices do not require a 24/7 internet connection. They are ideal for long-term and large investments.

The integration of the brand’s system means a 99.99% perfect work of the iGaming project. The service works smoothly even at times of critical loads on the IT infrastructure of the gambling resource and causes no failures or freezes.

Multitasking Back Office

Entrepreneurs are offered the following options:

  • formation of detailed analytics and reporting on key financial indicators;
  • exchange operations with access to more than 30 monetary units;
  • receiving short-term loans at minimal interest;
  • creation of customised payment forms using corporate identity, and much more.

The Trust of Customers and Growth of Traffic

AlphaPo payment gateway: growth of traffic

Those operators who decide to install the developer’s financial system are guaranteed to receive good feedback from their audience and, in the long term, an increase in traffic.

Gamblers prefer cryptocurrency payments for the following reasons:

  1. Minimum commission. Users save up to 70% of their money with the reduced pricing plans from AlphaPo. To make international transfers, there is no need to pay commissions of interbank organisations (for example, Visa or MasterCard). The saved funds are converted into additional bets on the gaming site, which increases the operator's profit.
  2. There are no limits on the size of wagers. Operations in digital currencies seem especially attractive to high rollers. Making a deposit in Bitcoins and any other tokens allows them to play at higher limits or, conversely, spin the reels of the slot placing the minimum bet.
  3. No need to complete the verification procedure. The use of Blockchain assets is an opportunity to play legally but anonymously. Gamblers do not need to confirm their identity, send scanned copies of documents, and wait for notification from the casino administration.
  4. Instant transfer of funds. Digital money is instantly credited to the user account, bypassing numerous approvals from the part of regulatory authorities.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Vendor’s Software

The brand offers convenient and modern payment solutions for the gambling niche.

  • The company's financial gateway is based on Blockchain technology. The system is characterised by a high speed of transfers, reliable security, and decentralised processing of transactions without reference to any specific country.
  • The main reasons to connect the payment system: multicurrency support, multitasking back office, and stable operation. More than 30 cryptocurrency services with wide functionality are connected to the software. Operators can also carry out exchange transactions or take out short-term loans.
  • Gamblers chose the solution for the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds anonymously, the absence of restrictions on the size of bets, and the fact that money is transferred without any delays and checks.

You can purchase a functional module for secure cryptocurrency transactions from the Casino Market studio. It would be a good decision to buy a Bitcoin portal along with a built-in Blockchain gateway from AlphaPo.

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