Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Launch the Mastercard Payment System for Fast Gambling Transfers

The reliable Casino Market studio offers to install a branded remuneration program on the most favourable terms. The operators get access to a high-tech financial service with a contemporary design.

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Basic Information about the Payment Platform

Casino payment system from Mastercard provider

Mastercard Incorporated is an international option for remuneration that provides fast and secure transfers in more than 150 currencies. The company is an intermediary between the issuing and acquiring banks.

The main functions of the producer include:

  • provision of a global network for cash-free transactions;
  • the safety guarantee of global transfers;
  • providing the best financial services in the industry.

The corporation was founded in 1966 by 4 American banks:

  • United California Bankruen;
  • Wells Fargo;
  • Crocker National Bankruen;
  • Bank of California.

In 2006, the company went public and its shares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

The chairman of the board is Richard Haythornthwaite. The corporate headquarters is located in New York, and the state has 21+ thousand employees.

Entrepreneurs may integrate the Mastercard payment system into casinos, land-based gambling halls, sports bars, bookmakers, and poker rooms. The title is suitable for online and offline businesses.

Mastercard Incorporated in numbers:

  • The financial service unites 22+ thousand banking institutions in 210 countries.
  • The option processes 23+ billion transactions per year with a total volume of $5.6+ trillion.
  • The accuracy of transactions is 99.99%.
  • At the end of 2021, the provider's net profit reached $8.7 billion, and operating revenue was $18.9 billion.
  • The share of Mastercard is 20% of the global remuneration market. According to this indicator, the group ranks third after Chinese UnionPay and Visa.

Reasons for Launching a Mastercard Payment System for Casinos

Mastercard banking in casino business

The main advantages of the software are the following:


The Mastercard option for digital casinos processes transactions in 150+ monetary units. These are local signs (for instance, Japanese Yen) and global currencies (Euro, US Dollar, Pound sterling)

Loyal conversion rate

Mastercard has 2 priority banknotes — the US Dollar and euro. All exchange transactions are carried out at the most favourable rate.

In Europe and Africa, it is advantageous to pay in Euros pegged to the local currency. For transactions in Asia, North and Latin America, the US Dollar is the best choice


It is possible to connect the Mastercard payment option to the casino for offline and online businesses. The program works flawlessly in all browsers and operating systems.

Gamblers can replenish game accounts and withdraw prize money in land-based terminals, on tablets and mobile devices. The software supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android

Diverse product lines

The corporate catalogue contains multitasking platforms for small, medium and large businesses, contactless payment services, programs for gaming startups and other solutions

Service Cards

The company offers several types of credit, debit, and prepaid cards:

  1. Mastercard Standard. The solution is suitable for Internet purchases, cash withdrawals through ATMs, and making transactions through self-service terminals. With Mastercard Standard, the users can swiftly replenish a gambling account and withdraw earned funds, as well as make settlements with software suppliers and affiliates.
  2. Mastercard Electronic. It is a bank card with a restriction on purchases and payments for services on the Internet. To confirm the operation, the client must enter the secret CVC2 code.
  3. Mastercard Platinum or Gold. Products participate in discount and accumulative programs, and also are distinguished by minimal commission deductions for withdrawing cash abroad.

High Safety of Banking Operations

Mastercard is a leader in the creation of complex security systems for the financial market.

PCI DSS International Directive

In 2006, the company, together with industry peers, developed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

The directive is intended to identify and minimise gaps in the security, functionality and configuration of the platform. International rules apply to diverse online industries, including the iGaming sphere. The standards contain 12 generalised requirements, as well as criteria for checking companies for compliance with PCI DSS.

Banknet Global Neural Network

Incorporation of Mastercard payment method into casinos is carried out through the Banknet telecommunication Internet environment. It connects all issuers of bank cards and processing centres of the company into a single global network.

Banknet is a peer-to-peer structure in which transactions are directly transmitted to other endpoints (cells) according to the ISO 8583 protocol. This particular method ensures stable operation, high performance and security.

The data centres of the supplier are located in the US and Europe.

The server storages are equipped with the recent technology and protected from:

  • cyber attacks, phishing and system failures;
  • natural disasters (fires, earthquakes);
  • incompetent employees' actions.

The main operations centre of the manufacturer is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mastercard SecureCode

Installing the company’s payment system for web casinos is available with supplementary security software. The protection module is presented in the form of a one-time password, which the program generates at the time of the transaction.

SecureCode can be used by both punters and entrepreneurs. Sending a unique four-digit code via SMS or voice call increases the safety of transfers and diminishes the chance of stealing secured data.

Mastercard Identity Check

This payment method for digital casinos comes with a program for examining the authenticity of transactions. The module uses the latest EMV 3-D Secure verification (3DS) standard, which guarantees dependable operations and good protection against data leakage.

The main benefits of using Mastercard Identity Check:

  • automatic verification of transfers for compliance with AML (anti-money laundering) and IMF (prevention of terrorist financing) policies;
  • reducing the number of chargebacks;
  • accelerated exchange of information between the operator, the acquiring and the issuing bank;
  • facilitating mass transfers (for example, to pay bonuses or reward affiliates);
  • reduction of costs for authentication and payments.

EMV Safety Standard

The connection of the Mastercard remuneration platform complies with the EMV criterion. The development provides dynamic confirmation of transactions (during transfers), which decreases the risk of fraud with credit, debit and prepaid cards.

The standard applies to chip transactions and makes it impossible to falsify the card details. The owner of a bank account (gambler or operator) has the right to use a PIN (personal identification number) or an electronic digital signature to automatically confirm transfers.

Mastercard Contactless: Immediate Transfers

Mastercard payment system for gambling

Casino integration with the branded remuneration system is available along with the program for contactless transactions. The solution is suitable for terrestrial gambling halls, bookie shops, poker rooms, and sports bars.

The corporation was one of the first on the market to launch contactless payment processing. Experiments were conducted in 2003 jointly by JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, MBNA and other financial institutions.

The research test involved 16+ thousand bank card holders and 60+ retailers. The experiment was fortunate, and in 2004 the Mastercard Contactless solution (formerly PayPass) was introduced.

The software is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It is a short-range wireless data transmission mechanism. It guarantees the immediate exchange of information between different kinds of devices, including smartphones and POS terminals.

Connecting the Mastercard payment option to casinos along with contactless transfers has the following benefits:

  1. Security advancement. All transactions are processed through the provider's network. The Internet environment of Banknet is distinguished by high performance and multi-layered fraud protection.
  2. Increasing the speed of work. Every remuneration is made instantly with one movement of the card, without the need to swipe it through the built-in card reader. In some cases, the user does not need to enter a unique PIN code. For example, when the amount of the game deposit does not exceed $10.
  3. Cost optimisation. Installing Mastercard Contactless reduces operating costs. These are the expenses of processing money transactions, maintenance of cash registers and terminals, salaries for the staff, etc.
  4. Increase in the average check of gamers. According to statistics, accounts with contactless activity show better profitability compared to transfers via chip cards.

Click to Pay Instant Operations

The operators can connect the Mastercard payment option for digital casinos with support for fast transactions.

A one-click transfer is possible thanks to automatic scanning of information and affirmation of the trading operation. Punters do not need to enter 16-digit bank account details, search for passwords and make out long forms to replenish their gaming accounts.

The development is based on the industry standard — EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC). Click to Pay also interacts with EMVCo and 3-D Secure tokenisation specifications to increase the security of digital channels.

The program saves the payment information of operators and punters due to the encryption of the virtual card number. The converted numeric code is generated and sent at the time of the transaction, and the client's data remains completely safe.

The Main Things about Installing a Financial Gateway

Mastercard is a cross-border remuneration corporation that unites 22+ thousand banking organisations in 210 countries.

  • The branded payment system is a mediator between issuing banks and acquirers. Its main function is to conduct fast and secure transactions, providing the best financial service in the industry.
  • The upper hands of the solution include cross-platform, multi-currency environment, and loyal exchange rate. There are 2 basic banknotes in the option — the US Dollar and Euro. This removes double currency conversion when making transactions abroad.
  • The provider offers Mastercard Contactless transfers, Click to Pay instant transfers and other profitable products. All transactions go through Banknet's neural network and are distinguished by fraud protection.

You can purchase the branded payment software at the Casino Market studio. We offer different formats of cooperation. This is a turnkey web casino with a built-in Mastercard module, a White Label licensed platform, and gaming scripts.

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