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Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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PayTM Casino Payment System: Buy Reliable Software

Incorporating the PayTM payment system into casinos is a smart choice for practical gambling operators.

PayTM casino payment system: integration

The software is characterised by high performance, multi-currency support, and the availability of extra financial operation services. The release works great on gambling sites, mobile casino applications and at land-based halls.

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Key Product Details

PayTM licensed payment system for online casinos is the leading application in India.

300+ million locals use this program for transactions in regular stores and online marketplaces. In addition to the entertainment field, the product is applied in e-commerce, finance and banking, insurance, and the utility sector.

The solution is very popular in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

The payment service is suitable for both large enterprises and small companies and start-ups.

Stages of the brand development:


Founding of a financial technology company by Indian businessman Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

The first headquarters of the provider was in the Indian city of Noid. Currently, the head office of the corporation is still located here


Presentation of a branded payment system with built-in internet banking


Launch of a convenient payment wallet, which was added as an operational settlement method by Indian railway companies and Uber


Incorporation of the system into casinos, marketplaces, applications of insurance and logistics companies, and websites selling air tickets.

The provider has added the option of instant settlement via QR codes, and also received large financing from the Chinese commercial giant Alibaba Group


Launch of PayTM Payments Bank and Inbox, messaging programs with chat transfers.

PayTM becomes India's first checkout app after 100+ million downloads via Google Play Store


Establishment of a joint venture with the gambling company AGTech Holdings and launch of a branded platform for mobile games Gamepind


Listing of shares on the Indian Stock Exchange. Issuance of prepaid bank cards and presentation of a premium program for remote maintenance of POS terminals

Benefits of the PayTM Payment Gateway

PayTM payment service: benefits

Consider the main advantages of the branded financial aggregator.

Wide Range of Transaction Methods

Connecting the PayTM casino payment system opens up the possibility for many types of operations, including:

  • secure transfers using prepaid, debit and credit cards;
  • internet acquiring using products from Visa and MasterCard;
  • international SWIFT transactions;
  • payment through the PayTM Wallet branded wallet and electronic financial systems of third-party providers;
  • mobile and voucher transfers;
  • instant operations through the international UPI system.

Excellent Performance

The modern system processes 7+ billion transactions per year. The throughput of the platform is 3,000 operations per second. These are money transfers, user verification, generation of multi-level reports and other requests.

The program works flawlessly even at times of critical loads on the IT infrastructure. The company rents several physical and cloud servers, providing instant transmission and secure storage of the requested information.

High Protection

Installing the payment system PayTM for casinos corresponds to:

  • PCI DSS — generally accepted information security standard in the financial environment;
  • Mastercard SecureCode — technologies for protecting card operations on the Web;
  • Verified by Visa — rules for identifying transfers through the Visa infrastructure;
  • RuPay Contactless — security service requirements for contactless payments.

The manufacturer safely stores 100+ million bank accounts and 15+ million UPI identifiers.

PayTM Token Gateway technology is used to protect information. Map tokenisation in a file involves encrypting sensitive data into an opaque token that is not tied to any device. The encrypted information is compared with the data of the online casino operator and the gambler.

In the future, the token can be used on any of the entrepreneur's platforms (Web, MWeb, Android, IOS) for upcoming transactions using the card.

Cross-Platform Environment

The software works flawlessly on desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices. Replenishment of gaming accounts and withdrawal of prize money are available directly in the browser window or through an adaptive mobile application.

You can install the payment system PayTM on a gambling site and in a mobile service. The program is compatible with the gadgets of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi brands, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Practical Back Office

The admin panel contains tools for:

  • generating detailed analytics and regulated reports (to the fiscal service, and statistics authorities) in real-time;
  • creating links for sending and receiving payments, activating mass transactions;
  • management and initiation of returns;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of various financial methods;
  • setting up EMI subventions (entering large amounts on a deposit in equal instalments over several months);
  • creating individual offers for gamers (reducing commissions, increasing cashback, etc.).


Connecting the payment system PayTM implies the possibility of worldwide transfers in 200+ countries.

Crediting money to a gambling account and withdrawing winnings are available in international (US dollars, euros, pounds sterling) and local (Indian rupees, Japanese yen) currencies. It is possible to integrate additional local money at the request of an operator.

Program for Land-Based Halls

Owners of stationary clubs, bookmaker offices and poker rooms will be interested in the integration of the system. The provider has developed a flexible and scalable solution with a practical interface and wide functionality.

The payment system features:

  1. Various calculation methods. The program supports depositing money into a casino cash desk and transferring them through POS terminals. These are contactless transactions using unique QR codes, confirmation via SMS or voice call, and payment via a multi-card reader.
  2. Practical backend. The solution features a simplified user interface, along with convenient and fast invoicing in the cloud. The client can set up the relationship between the financial gateway and the casino's internal CRM system to manage the distribution of bonuses, cashback and other payouts more effectively.
  3. High security. The developer provides multi-level verification of translations. Confidential information about gamers and B2B partners is stored in a secure cloud.

You can order the programs with PayTM flagship POS devices.

The product line contains several devices:

All-in-One POS

The equipment accepts payments in a variety of ways, including credit and debit cards and through a QR code system.

The terminal is stocked with a built-in receipt printer, barcode scanner, magnetic stripe multi-card reader, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Smart POS

The solution is complemented by a contactless NFC system for the automatic identification of players based on biometrics.

Data is transmitted via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with support for 4G speed

POS for Linux

The product is equipped with a new generation lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1900 mAh

Branded Solutions from the Developer

PayTM financial gateway: branded solutions

Connecting the payment service PayTM for casinos is worth it because of the many useful features:

  1. PayTM Auto-Debit. One-click payment on a gambling site or mobile application using PayTM Wallet, gift vouchers, and internet banking. To conduct transactions without additional identity verification, the customer must authorise and link their PayTM account with the online casino. To do this, they can use the MID (unique identifier of the entrepreneur), the seller's key (a key encrypted using cryptography) and other tools.
  2. EMI Subvention. Payment of the full cost of services in equal instalments with a zero interest rate. The function will be useful in B2B settlements with software suppliers, hosting companies, advertising agencies, game developers, and affiliates.
  3. Pre-Auth Payments. Preliminary authentication of commercial agreements, the money under which will be transferred after all the conditions are met by the sides of the agreement. The solution is suitable for settlements with counterparties — for the supply and configuration of software, marketing promotion, issuance of certificates of conformity, etc.
  4. PayTM Subscription. The transfers are designed to automatically charge gamers on a pre-set, recurring schedule. The module supports many payment options and is characterised by high speed, flexibility and convenient reporting.
  5. PayTM Partner Program. A branded affiliate service to attract new customers and improve communication with a regular audience. The provider gives an operator 1,000 Indian rupees for each new player who has registered and been identified in the PayTM payment environment.
  6. Insurance Supermarket. Beneficial program for savings, real estate and movable property (for example, cars, expensive gambling equipment).

How to Connect the Payment Service PayTM for a Casino

PayTM payment software: connection features

The company provided convenient software installation using API tools (for gambling sites) and flexible SDK plugins (for mobile applications).

Features of installing the financial software:

  • simple integration in a few clicks by the company's technical specialists;
  • secure data transfer according to the international information exchange protocol HTTP;
  • SDK support for both native and hybrid applications;
  • no redirection to the page for payment provided if the PayTM application is installed on the gamer's device;
  • reduced transaction time when using previously saved templates;
  • automatic setting of interaction between a gambling site, a land-based hall and a mobile casino when making transfers.

The Main Things about Installing the Payment Software

PayTM is a leading Indian corporation that provides multi-currency payment services worldwide.

  • The company offers the installation of the branded system and proposes banking and insurance services for monetary assets, real estate and movable property.
  • The advantages of a premium financial service include support for many payment methods, high performance, good security, and adaptability. The program comes with a practical back office with a multi-level reporting system on the key parameters of the casino's activity.
  • The solution for gambling establishments supports fast contactless payment via POS terminals. The transfer system allows multicurrency, is highly secure and has well-thought-out functionality. It is worth ordering branded software along with modern devices for accepting cash and paying through a QR code system.
  • Payment software installation is available in a package with additional modules: PayTM Auto-Debit (automatic transfer service), EMI Subvention (program for receiving and issuing loans at 0%), PayTM Subscription (subscription transfers), PayTM Partner Program (multi-level affiliate network).

You can order the branded software at Casino Market. We offer different formats for installing the module — both as an independent financial aggregator and as part of a ready-to-launch portal.

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