MGA Greenlit Gaming Licence as Owner Faces Charges

27 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Recently, the world of gaming was divided by a controversial issue. It turned out that the billionaire owner of a gambling business was demanded to be held accountable for alleged crimes. Despite that, his company still received a licence allowing it to distribute content legally.

MGA greenlit gaming licence as owner faces charges

What Happened?

The gambling company Habanero Systems was officially licensed by MGA while it was public knowledge that the head of the business was currently involved in legal proceedings. Marcel Boekhoorn, a wealthy entrepreneur from the Netherlands, has allegedly been involved in some financial wrongdoings and was facing consequences under the law.

According to some emails that were published by a Maltese jurisdiction, it turns out that they knew about the accusations that the owner of the group was facing at the time. Despite that, the green light was handed to his business.

The Accusations

Boekhoorn first came under fire 3 years ago, when he faced some legal trouble in Calabria for allegedly obtaining financial assets from illegal sources. The main allegations in this legal saga are the Dutch billionaire’s possible relations with a business partner that was connected to the mafia.

Using this contact, it is presumed that Boekhoorn purchased a share in a casino group by investing illegal finances into the deal. The accused company owner strongly denies the involvement of either himself or his associates in any shady schemes.

The Ultimatum to Habanero Systems

It was officially announced that Habanero was given a licence from MGA, under which the group will be able to safely promote its products. However, the information emerged that there were some conditions to this agreement.

The representative of the Dutch businessman confirmed that the accused party was forbidden from appropriating any of the company’s shares or having a say in Habanero’s decisions. It was also stated that Boekhoorn has no affiliation with the group.

MGA’s Position

As the process of communication with MGA was made public, it was clear that the jurisdiction was asking for documents. It was necessary to confirm that there were other high officials running the company. In addition, the committee conducted deep and thorough research on Habanero and its internal affairs.

It turned out that the head of the licensing organisation, Carl Brincat, was not positive about awarding the document to Habanero, due to its uncertain situation regarding the owner’s legal issues.

While commenting on this situation, Brincat mentioned that certain risks were taken to give such an authoritative document to the company that did not fully abide by the rules. However, he said that sometimes, risk-based decisions can work out, as long as there are certain conditions to a particular group obtaining a licence.

Response from Boekhoorn

The person who represents the Dutch billionaire commented on the nature of his accusations. In their words, contrary to popular belief, he was brought to justice not for illegal money operations, but for being a co-participant in the crime that involved them.

It was stated that the prosecution is bringing up financial actions performed by a third party, who received investments from Boekhoorn’s associates. In this version of events, the businessman or any of his partners were unaware that the money would be illegally possessed by this party, and there were no warning signs of possible fraud.

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