NIESR to Evaluate Economic Costs and Benefits of Gambling with New Study

09 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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NIESR, an institute that conducts research on all things connected to business and social interaction, has announced a new study. This recently introduced scheme will be conducted to evaluate the expenses and prices of gambling affairs. Along with that, the study will concentrate on the harmful influence of gaming.

NIESR to evaluate economic costs and benefits of gambling

Project Summary

The new research will be an expansion of the studies that have already been performed in the past by health specialists and important figures from scientific fields. The aim is to indicate the approximate financial judgement of harmful activities connected to gambling.

The specialists of NIESR that are in charge of the program will also be joined by a team of qualified economic experts and health officials.

Comments from Lead

According to Professor Adrian Pabst, who is a team leader for this scientific study, gaming is a popular activity in the United Kingdom that also continuously brings in revenue. However, in his opinion, the industry does not have a clear comprehension of all the costs that usually occur in harmful scenarios where people actively abuse gambling.

The executive said that, along with the team of his colleagues, they were planning to conduct an unbiased and direct study that would contain a lot of evidence and be beneficial for future experiences. He also is of the opinion that researchers should be the ones influencing upcoming gaming regulations and changes to them. In his words, it is difficult for businesses to expand their influence and reduce harm at the same time.

More Insight

One of the main causes for this research project is gathering a solid evidence basis for the future reassessment of the Gambling Act that is set to be passed in the upcoming months.

A high-ranking board representative, James Noyes, has also voiced his thoughts. He said that NIESR has an incredible standing when it comes to conducting independent studies on financial matters. For him, it is a delight to know that this institute is planning to explore the problem of gambling damage in a deeper way.

He noted that while some regulations are being discussed by governmental figures, the only bodies that can be relied on are independent institutes, which can provide important evidence for the matter. Noyes believes that with the help of the UK's best economic experts, the study can greatly contribute to the discussions led by different sides and resolve any misunderstandings between them.

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