Pariplay, Relax Gaming and SoftGamings Consider Slot Distribution Issues

21 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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Since a lot of slot games are being released on the market lately, it is highly important to make sure that every new launch is distributed properly. A few influential company representatives have gathered to facilitate a discussion. They spoke about the current practices that ensure every game brings profit for the aggregators and the developers.

Pariplay, Relax Gaming and SoftGamings: slot distribution

Deals with Partners

Enrico Bradamante from Pariplay mentioned that every part of the chain needs to make an earning of its own. It is important to figure out a strategy that works for everyone. In his opinion, flexibility is the most significant part of the working process, along with support between the partners.

He said that his company has released 3,500+ new titles only in the last year, which boils down to 10 per day. The expert is optimistic about the future of the company and thinks it is best to take care of the coverage right after the release.

Simon Hammon from Relax Gaming talked about his company, saying that there are a few main types of partner relations, depending on the positions of suppliers that work with his group. A few of them need more help technically, while others require assistance commercially, as well as licence-related support. Simon’s group has a different approach to every collaborator, depending on their sole needs.

Vladislav Hveckovich, the representative of SoftGamings, stated that his business discusses commercial plans with the partners and gives them advice on how to make their promotion tactics stand out. Most of the time, they have a direct strategy for doing this. Nonetheless, they attempt to find an individual approach to everyone and always take the needs of the administrators they work with into account.

Some Other Benefits

In the words of Bradamante, his company does not only supply games but also assists their partners technically. For instance, they help operators with presenting themselves in new markets and assisting with its regulations. The business has a special technology titled GRT which allows them to collaborate successfully with multiple vendors. Among other things, it manages to adapt the titles to the requirements of every territory.

The company offers special tools that help managers to fully integrate into the market and start obtaining players. There is an additional program for those who do not have an RGS of their own. The solution helps operators to create their games on the company’s platform and access Pariplay’s exclusive network.

Hammon talked about the process of Relax, confirming that it is always simplified and adjusted to the needs of their partners. As the expert states, he and his colleagues are working on providing the best distribution strategies to the partners they closely cooperate with. He also said that the integration tools of Relax are very simple to use and help operators present the games to the public.

In the opinion of Hveckovich, a lot of game studios are developing and hosting their games nowadays. However, many of them would benefit from working with a brand like SoftGamings, which has a lot of resources to offer. The group suggests the integration services for a certain cost, which would save an operator enough time. Gaming managers can also turn to the company for legal consultations.

Integration Views

The 3 officials expressed their views on integration depending on the particular partner. Bradamante says that their solutions do not depend on the approach, and they can work together with any operators. The strategy of his company is to make sure that every connection works perfectly from the technical side.

They usually tend to put to use everything that the partner suppliers offer them, and this includes the multitude of their tools. The company is not insistent on this, and the cooperators might extend their capabilities. However, the technological team of Pariplay is supportive of every initiative.

For Hammon, it strongly depends on the partner’s preferences. Sometimes, collaborators need more technical assistance than their counterparts. Relax provides territorial and functional basics for every operator company. Still, sometimes it may not be possible to work with all the tools necessary to the partner because of the high maintenance and stability.

Hveckovich's company integrates the gaming studios entirely, and the operators then have a choice on the parts that can be beneficial for their future work. SoftGamings does not insist on the operator using all of their services and assets, and they also provide a lot of flexibility.

Account Management Process

Account management process in gambling

Bradamante commented that his business does not control the processes but enables them. Their main goal is supporting the collaborators. The group tends to work hard to be mindful of all the partner’s ambitions and find a compromise for everyone. At times, all that is needed for more productive work is better communication. He noted that his group does not decide for the operators, but instead just helps them on their journey.

Hammon's team works together with the partners to make sure that the content is accessible and popular with the public. Most of the time, operators are the ones to make final decisions, based on what is recommended to them. Since the market is strongly competitive, the collaborators choose to focus on the quality of their products.

Speaking of Hveckovich and his business, he prefers to run it by assisting operators with promos and receiving various bonus offers. It is especially helpful when the studio cooperates with famous operators and makes sure that the games are well-positioned. This strategy works well for both sides.

Balancing Needs

According to the view of Bradamante, there are a few different types of content. For instance, some of the partners his company works with are famous and greatly established on multiple markets with their products having a good reputation.

On the other hand, there is local content management, such as land-based game conversions, that have gained popularity in a certain jurisdiction. The company provides them with support in releasing their games online. Some fewer known partners are not licensed in multiple territories, and they need to be assisted in their development, which saves them time and costs.

In Relax, everything is kept separately, as Hammon made known. The business has a bandwidth of content along with the releases that were done by the group itself. This is a way to make sure that any conflict is prevented. They cooperate with over 70 partners and are constantly involved in discussions with them. Despite the stress, the tech support and well-organised process ensure everything goes smoothly.

Hveckovich admitted that the operations are complicated, especially when there are a lot of partners and processes involved. However, they try their best to simplify everything and make it direct and clear for the operating companies, as well as stabilise the connection and diversify the content.

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