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Scientific Games Collaborates with Optimove on the US Lottery Business

10 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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The well-known content provider Scientific Games (SG) has joined forces with Optimove to push a brand-new collaboration forward.

Scientific Games and Optimove will provide content to lotteries

The mutual effort will result in five national lottery organisations in the United States optimising their advertisement on social networks. The group will provide them with a lot of strategic data that will be useful in future endeavours.

Collaboration Details

The fresh cooperation has a unique premise of two groups working with national companies for half a year to construct long-haul promo campaigns. This will include their activity on various social pages, such as Facebook, and directly use consumer statistics. In this, the integration of a modern system by Optimove will help.

As a result of the fruitful mutual work, the lottery groups will learn to obtain a customised audience for specific campaigns that go live on social media. They will also allocate leaders and distribute a part of their current financial capabilities to this venture. There will be no extra expenses for the necessary tools or knowledge obtained by the group.

Comments from the Executives

Merv Huber from SG stated that most national lotteries function with limited financial plans for promoting their services, and the assets are also restricted. At the same time, there are high expectations for them to be capable of growing their presence and generating income in exceptionally difficult conditions, with many competitors on the market.

This is why the new partnership will supply lotteries with the following:

  • information needed for operating in the industry;
  • valuable knowledge and past experiences;
  • unique services.

The initiative will figure out and implement the most effective practices to assist lotto organisations with accomplishing their professional objectives. They will also be laid out some important guidelines for further development of the industry.

Rony Vexelman from Optimove said the mutual work by driving specialists in their separate sectors makes for many great possibilities for the eventual fate of sharing lotto activities. The official stated that groups should understand that their success in social media advertising highly depends on utilising their client data as a fundamental step of ultimate plans.

The executive mentioned it was the first time in both companies' history that some high standards will be set in relation to advertising. He said his group aspires to assist the business with understanding the capacity of CRM instruments.

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