Italian Economic Ministry Proposes New Gaming Market Safeguards

10 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The Italian gaming industry is currently in anticipation of large-scale reform. It was announced by the finance officials that restructuring of the gambling processes is in progress, and the first step towards this change is focusing on safeguards.

Italian ministry proposes new gaming market safeguards

Current State of Events

In 2021, the Italian government did not manage to approve any draft laws that are related to improving the gambling system, even though there have been some close calls. Recently, some clashes appeared to be present between the operators with a licence and ADM. They require more assurance on the regulations related to web or offline betting and casino gambling.

To solve the conflict, the economists have compiled a document that lists the desirable rules and can benefit the Italian gaming industry. It is expected that it will be reformed with a special focus on gambling addictions, illegal activities and tax regulation.

There is a lot of discussion around the controlling measures of the industry that represents wagering and gaming businesses. One of the main objectives of taking these facilities under observation is their placement in secure venues that are directly managed by superiors.

As a new development, the new registry of punters will be entered onto the market, which will be responsible for all the operators and schemes that help regulate problematic gaming. The players will be introduced to a new system that will verify their identity and assist them in gaining access to venues.

More Plans

There is a proposal to reduce the limitations to the bets and winnings per player. No more details are currently known regarding this alteration, including the specifications on which gambling-related products this would concern.

The officials from the ministry are in favour of the ADM being given more authority in investigating businesses that break the rules by functioning without obtaining a licence. It will now be able to monitor criminal activities in gambling spaces, enforce the current rule system and put a stop to violations.

The local ministry has spoken in support of the agency and emphasised the seriousness of illegal ventures in gaming markets, voicing hopes that the local system of justice will hold those individuals accountable. They expressed a recommendation to treat evading taxes as a serious criminal offence.


As a wrap-up of the new law proposal, the officials pointed out that the changes can be implemented within a time frame of a year to a year and a half from now. They are expected to be approved by the parliament.

Even without taking into account these fresh adjustments, there are still a lot of issues in the Italian gaming industry. For instance, the court has to approve certain licences, the validity period of which is about to end.

According to Federico Freni, one of the officials that stood for the new reforms, the reorganising process of the gambling field is inevitable. It is expected that it will begin as soon as possible.

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