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Belgium Gambling License

Today gambling in most countries is prohibited by law. But gambling is favored by so many people, which fact is impossible to ignore. Belgium online gambling license is an example of the solution found in this regard, i.e. gambling companies are registered on the territories, where casinos are officially allowed. A modern operator would need an online casino license anyway that will make the business legitimate and give the authorities no reason to find faults.

The gambling license of Belgium

A huge number of fraudsters and their sophisticated ways of defrauding money from ordinary players made the latter very intelligent and cautious. Now, before depositing funds, they will surely check what jurisdiction the business was authorized under as well the gambling company registration details.

What is a license? It is a documentary proof of an establishment being fair to players. All casinos, games, payment services, etc. are being inspected during registration.

Casino licensing is carried out in accordance with the laws of the selected country. The stricter they are, the better.

An online casino license issued by a demanding committee automatically enhances your status in the eyes of the players. Belgium online gambling license is an illustrative example in this respect. If an operator decides to buy Belgium casino license, there is a number of requirements to meet in the first place, which we shall cover in this article.

If you do not want to waste time, contact Casino Market, which is experienced in terms of how to obtain casino license. The experts of the company have been working in the gambling sector for a great while and helping many operators achieve their goals. Operators, who wish to acquire casino license within the shortest possible time, and be sure about the positive response to their requests, should have to resort to professional help.

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Things To Know About Online Casino Licensing In Belgium

The law governing this specific business was adopted back in 1999 and has been adjusted and changed many times since then. Belgium online gambling license allows playing for people aged 21 and over. Online casinos licensed under this jurisdiction have to require users to confirm their age during the registration process. It is done by checking copies of documents (passport and TIN).

Those operators who choose to buy Belgium casino license but ignore its requirements shall be subject to criminal liability. Even if court passes a sentence in favor of an operator, the Commission has the right to unilaterally recover up to 25 000 Euros from the licensee. Moreover, the law provides for cases where a fine may be increased up to 100 thousand Euros.

Belgian public employees cannot be issued an online casino license. If the Belgium online gambling license was not extended in the time allotted, it will be automatically canceled.

Casino licenses are classified as follows:

  • A class license is issued to land-based Belgian establishments. A+ may be requested by the owner of license A.
  • B class casino license is issued to gaming halls with one-armed bandits. Only owners of online casino licenses of the B class can obtain the B+ version.
  • C class Belgium online gambling license intended for slot machine bars.
  • D class license is issued to casino employees.
  • E class license is issued to b2b companies (to all casino services providers).
  • F1-F2 are intended for licensing the bookmaker offices. F1 + is issued to online totalizators.
  • G1-G2 are intended for licensing gambling on TV.

As you may have already understood, an online casino license with the + to its class letter is serves as a supplement to the main document for gambling business. Online casino licenses are not issued on the Internet. It means that to purchase a Belgium license an operator should first prepare the papers for permission to open a land-based establishment.

Basic Permissions And Conditions For Applying

In order to have an application processed, an operator has to provide the Commission with the document package containing the following papers:

  • a court statement proving the absence of the criminal record and bearing the date of issuance that does not exceed three months;     
  • a document certifying the observance of civil and political rights;
  • last three tax declarations (copies);
  • copies of the documents of all the company’s founders.

The licensee shall regularly give Belgium 11% of its profits. The requirement to open an account with 250 thousand Euros or more on it for a legal entity is mandatory as well.

Belgium was one of the first European countries, which started to regulate gambling at the legislative level. This country provides stringent requirements to operators, which is why online casinos having a Belgium gambling license are held in respect and honor. By the way, the permission to conduct gambling activities is issued for fifteen years, which completely covers for the difficulty of obtaining it.

If you want to avoid paper chase, and do everything quickly and correctly, contact the Casino Market company. This agency knowing perfectly how to get a gambling license for casino will help you collect and prepare the documents you need also taking into account all the details that no one tells on the Internet.

Casino Market offers the newcoming business people with limited financial opportunities to buy turnkey casino with license and consultations on how to get a casino license, thus avoiding unnecessary troubles.

It is essential to note that Casino Market provides free advice on the iGaming business licensing. So in case of any questions about online casino licensing you can always turn to literate specialists in your business.

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