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Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License: Legalize Your Business with Casino Market

What is a permit? First of all, it is the proof of legality of the casino business, its reliability and a good reputation. Even if you have a small initial capital, it will still be possible to enter the market by purchasing the Antigua and Barbuda gambling license.

Antigua and Barbuda gambling license

If you turn to the managers of Casino Market, they will gladly tell you about several kinds of licenses can be obtained here, the price of such a permit, and the benefits that the operation on this territory brings.

We guarantee that our staff will respond to you promptly and help you to solve any organizational and legal issues related to the legalization of gambling projects.

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About the Offshore Zone

It has developed and implemented legal provisions for the remote regulation of the gambling market long ago (the option to obtain a license from Antigua and Barbuda is available for 25 years).

The gambling business in Antigua and Barbuda is presented in several formats:

  • casinos and websites where players can choose a slot machine according to their preferences (as well as card and table games and roulette);
  • digital bookmaker business;
  • sports betting;
  • lotteries;
  • mobile and network games;
  • binary options and other branches of financial trading.

Types of Licenses in Antigua and Barbuda

The Department of Gambling includes the FISPA organization unit that issues the local permit and makes sure that operators work legally.

When making a decision to grant licenses for casinos in Antigua and Barbuda, the Commission pays attention to several factors:

  • the honesty of a future licensee;
  • transparency of all the payments;
  • the company’s management team;
  • the technical capacity that will allow business owners to control the operation of a platform;
  • legal history (the brand should prove that it has never participated in illegal commerce and other unlawful actions).

Gambling licenses in Antigua and Barbuda: main types

We can name several types of licenses in Antigua and Barbuda:

  • a permit for owning remote casinos or gaming sites with slot games;
  • a permit for bookmakers;
  • a certificate that allows its holder to launch online sweepstakes.

Steps that a Licensee Must Take

Among the features of obtaining a license from Antigua and Barbuda, we can name a chance to work with one of Europe's largest and most respected markets — the UK. Therefore, the gambling business in Antigua and Barbuda is strictly controlled. The jurisdiction also puts up with foreign investors and offers a simpler certification system.

To purchase licenses for casinos in Antigua and Barbuda, operators should fulfil the following requirements:

  • make sure that minors cannot gamble on the platform (users under the age of 18);
  • create personal accounts of clients and ensure that the information provided by users during the registration is verified;
  • warn users about the existence of ludomania and indicate organizations that offer psychological counselling on the main page of the website;
  • register a local legal address (by opening a representative office on one of the islands);
  • provide comprehensive information on all the participants of a project who own more than 5% of shares;
  • send copies of passports and letters of recommendation of all employees, shareholders, and directors of the company;
  • confirm the quality and security of the software (provision of copies of certificates and contracts with suppliers);
  • register a server in the country.

The License Cost in Antigua and Barbuda

Gambling in Antigua and Barbuda pleases operators with a minimal cost loading for remote enterprises and significant tax remissions.

The local Commission does not lay down demands related to the amount of investment capital and where it came from.

The price of filing an application in Antigua and Barbuda

Fee for researching the applicant's document traffic

15,000 dollars

Certificate for an online casino in Antigua and Barbuda

100,000 dollars

Fee for the opening of a betting platform

75,000 dollars

Compulsory annual fees for gambling in Antigua and Barbuda

The annual fee for the industry’s development (a flat rate regardless of the company's turnover)

100,000 dollars

Update of a permit for an online casino in Antigua and Barbuda

75,000 dollars

Extension of the betting license

50,000 dollars

As we have already mentioned, international operators are allowed not to pay taxes. Commission fees for organizing gambling in Antigua and Barbuda are paid only by the local businessmen (35%).

The Antigua and Barbuda gambling license is issued within 2–3 weeks and is valid for 1 year.

Advantages of a License in Antigua and Barbuda

Licenses for casinos in Antigua and Barbuda

We believe that the growth of a gambling niche here is a foregone conclusion. Please find hereby several benefits that you will get while owning an online casino in Antigua and Barbuda:

  1. No taxation. Remote enterprises do not pay income tax, commissions for maintaining a local legal address, and so on.
  2. Ability to enter the largest sales markets. A local gambling certificate allows you to legally distribute services in Europe and accept bets from the UK players.
  3. No exact amount of the authorized capital. Operators can start working without confirming their solvency, and they do not need to provide certificates of the funding sources.
  4. Lack of requirements for the server placement. The equipment can be located outside the country in case the central server is launched on the territory of the islands.
  5. Abstract directorate. It is enough to open an office and hire a local director. Other staff may work from the outside of the offshore zone.
  6. International agreements. This jurisdiction is respected by major partners and has several beneficial agreements with other offshore zones (thus, the interaction with the holders of the Kahnawake license is significantly simplified).

The Main Things About the Permit of This Offshore

To buy licenses for casinos in Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent way to launch a legal project with an impeccable reputation and minimal upfront investment.

Legalization in the local department provides entrepreneurs with:

  • Legal status. The services can be distributed throughout Europe, and the license also automatically gives operators the right to accept bets from UK players.
  • Speed ​​of registration. Pendency of an application takes no more than 2–3 weeks.
  • Promising partnership. The local regulator guarantees favourable cooperation conditions with large international organizations (these are enterprises of the industry and banking institutions) and offers a simplified operation scheme for the holders of licenses issued by other offshore jurisdictions.
  • Favourable economic environment. The country is interested in the development of the gambling industry and offers foreign investors the most comfortable cooperation conditions: the absence of tax levies and requirements for the authorized capital and an ability to work with a “figure-head” management.
  • Variability of work. It is possible to get a permit for any type of the game content: poker rooms, sweepstakes, casinos on the Internet, and virtual bookmaker’s offices.

You can file an application on your own or turn to experienced intermediaries.

The Casino Market team is ready to undertake comprehensive support of your project: assistance in preparing a package of documents and opening a local representative office, independent monitoring of the gambling platform, and control of the legality of your business.

We guarantee that all our customers are getting a transparent transaction, prompt round-the-clock response, and a flexible system of discounts.

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