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Open a Bookmaker’s Store from Scratch with Casino Market Assistance

Updated 14 june 2022
Betting, Management
Author: James Burton
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Hundreds of operators have successfully created their internet bookmakers’ stores and receive profit from millions of players. The organisational process still bears some difficulties, but they can be easily overcome with professional assistance.

Casino Market is ready to help any entrepreneur (a new or experienced one) start their internet betting business from scratch. Our proficient team is extensive enough to refine each organisational stage and ensure a stable profit at the end of the setup. Order a turnkey bookmaker’s solution to become a successful owner of the gambling business.

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Elaborating a Betting Line

Bookmaker’s store: betting line

The most important part of the bookmaker’s website is the set of coefficients that punters use to make their wagers. So, before setting up a betting platform, an operator must ensure he understands the peculiarities of its configuration.

A betting line is formed by analytical software that is connected to sports statistics. Until recently, bookmakers’ experts participated in the elaboration process directly, but high technologies brought their duties to control. The human factor plays an increasingly smaller role in the creation of the line now. Big bookmakers elaborate their line themselves, while smaller companies rent the existing product.

Line Movement

Bookmakers adjust coefficients based on pre-match events (such as injuries to the main squad players) and in the case of live betting on events during the match.

Line Loading

The bookmaker’s coefficients also change based on betting trends. If there are enough bets on one of the possible outcomes, its odds are reduced. It makes the possibility of other events more attractive. 

Types of Line

Experienced bookmakers have two main approaches towards creating an efficient betting line:

  1. The operator of a website estimates the probability of an event and offers coefficients with a margin.
  2. The bookmaker takes into account the expected stream of wagers on a particular outcome and adjusts the odds considering expectations.

Operators with different business models approach the process of line creation according to their aims.


It depicts bookmakers’ offers that consist of all possible outcomes of an event with odds.

These are the most common examples:


The simplest bookmaker market that allows players to wager on one of three possible outcomes of the match.

These bets are offered in matches where a tie is possible

Both to score

This football market implies predicting whether each of the opposing teams will score. It offers two choices — Yes and No.

For the Yes bet to win, both opponents in a single match must gain at least one goal. No wins if neither of the team scores


These bets count the number of game events: goals, violations, corners, cards, sets/games in tennis, etc.

There are three options for betting on total:

  • “over” means the number of game events will exceed a certain value;

  • “less” implies the number of game events will be below a certain value;

  • “even” matches the number of game events to occur

First half/match

This football betting market asks players to predict the outcome of the first half and the whole match at the same time

The professionals at Casino Market know perfectly well how to ensure your online betting platform is adjusted to the operational region. Our experts will elaborate on the bookmaker’s line for your needs to receive maximum benefit from its usage. Order a turnkey betting platform development from Casino Market and become a leading bookmaker in the area.

Sportsbook Website Setup

Sportsbook website: organisational process

Once an operator fully understands the essence of the betting line, the organisational process of the site should not be a big problem. It consists of a few stages that make up an entire sportsbook environment and are interrelated.


One of the first steps towards a profitable betting business is the creation of a website. An operator must consider both functionality and visual appeal according to the latest achievements in the sphere as well as the peculiarities of the target audience. While some types of sports can be beneficial in one region, they may be less popular with others.

If you have a programming background, it is possible to try to assemble the betting environment by yourself. However, it is much safer and efficient to rely on professional designer’s studios with dozens of similar projects already developed.


Regardless of the operational region and focus on the activity, an official online betting website requires a licence for operation. It ensures the platform is not blocked from the target audience by the local authorities.

Also, it opens brand-new prospects for operators, including:

  • an official banking account with clear transactions and tax obligations;
  • world-renown partners in software support;
  • international recognition among players and other betting platforms;
  • punters’ loyalty, the feeling of safety, and dedication to a legal playing environment.

Usually, new operators opt for offshore jurisdictions with favourable conditions and mild tax rates. Among the most popular destinations, it is worth paying attention to:

The possibility of process delay scares away a lot of inexperienced entrepreneurs on this stage. A lot of legal questions can seem overly complex for new operators. Casino Market offers complete judicial support in obtaining a betting licence.

Our legal advisors will analyse your capabilities and desires to find out the best possible option for your sportsbook platform. Order a turnkey betting solution to ensure the legality and absence of problems with the law for your bookmaker’s site.


The integration of an efficient betting line requires professional software support. Moreover, it concerns both entertainment and administrative parts. The most significant criteria here are fast response, immersive (yet not overwhelming) graphical aspect, and high reliability.

For managers of betting websites, foolproof analytical systems are integral to ensure efficient monitoring over the clients.

The most notable representatives of the software development sector are:

Casino Market cooperates with these manufacturers for more than a decade and knows their strong sides perfectly well. Our experts will pick the best tools from each developer and integrate to your website for the most efficient result.

Order a turnkey betting solution from Casino Market and receive the best software support from world-renown content creators.

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Apart from wagering and administrative software, a well-thought-out platform requires numerous transaction systems for punters’ comfortable money transferring procedures. Here, an operator must analyse the working region and study the most used electronic gateways among players.

Such international services as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and PayPal must be present anyway. At the same time, local payment methods are much more comfortable for some players and evoke respect for the care from the operator.

Customer Support

Another integral part of the sportsbook development is the assurance that all punters understand the peculiarities of the betting process and have no problems during their wagering. In this case, a responsive support team must immediately react to all queries in a chat or email. A quick answer is a guarantee to clients’ satisfaction.

The recruitment of experts will eradicate the slightest possibility of misunderstandings between a punter and an operator. Chatbots can work as auxiliary assistance, but live support is essential to guarantee a swift response to clients.


A successful betting website will start bringing profit only after it becomes popular among the target audience. It is possible thanks to numerous digital marketing methods that are currently available for the sphere. While betting is considered a gambling activity, an operator should inquire about the legality of some advertising means before resorting to them.

The most popular and effective promotional approach for betting is affiliate marketing. It involves direct cooperation between a partner and a sportsbook owner and generates an impressive number of leads. With correct implementation, a steady stream of punters is guaranteed.

Casino Market has helped several bookmakers’ websites become popular and successful in their operational region. Our marketing experts develop efficient and legal advertising campaigns, designed for the working area of your betting website. Order a turnkey sportsbook website solution and become a recognised brand in the international arena.

The Main Things about Launching a Sportsbook Website

Betting business: successful launch

The profitability of the betting business in the upcoming years is inspiring. Due to the lengthy Coronavirus lockdown, more punters resort to convenient remote wagering. eSports and virtual competitions are gathering bigger audiences and are earning bigger profits. No wonder why more entrepreneurs are eager to set up betting platforms in recent years.

Casino Market is an experienced assistant company with a team of proficient experts, ready to complete any order on the sportsbook development. 

Our specialists will demonstrate you the peculiarities of the industry by focusing on:

  • an in-depth explanation of a betting line;
  • the importance of an elaborate sportsbook website development;
  • correct integration of betting and administrative software;
  • the integrity of obtaining an official working permit;
  • installation of both international and local payment gateways;
  • benefits of hiring professional customer support;
  • key significances of efficient marketing directions and their legality.

We treat our customers with much respect and approach their preferences individually. Order a turnkey betting solution at Casino Market and enjoy increased profitability of your sportsbook website in just a few months with professional support.

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Reach us out for any additional questions:

  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • the feedback form.
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