Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Casino Fraud Protection 4Stop: Universal Approach to Ensuring Business Security

This provider presented a patented anti-fraud technology with advanced analytics and data aggregation. To purchase the 4Stop casino security software, contact the Casino Market team.

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Brief Overview of the Company and Its Solutions

4Stop casino security software

4Stop GmbH is a European developer of security solutions headquartered in Cologne (Germany). The company was founded in 2012. For 8 years of activity, it has become a leader in the production of software for preventing fraud and money theft.

The list of provider's clients includes representatives of finance, insurance, retail, Internet commerce sectors, and non-profit organisations. The 4Stop casino security software is often used in the iGaming field, given the increased risk of data leakage and hacker attacks in this industry.

Companies that used corporate the vendor’s protection technology managed to achieve such results during the first two months:

  • to reduce the number of chargebacks by 66.6%;
  • to raise the authorisation of gamers to 81.5%;
  • to increase savings financial assets by 10.9%.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Security software is oriented on the payment policy regulations and principles of working with confidential data common to most developed countries. This approach allows operators to adapt the casino security from 4Stop to the requirements of local markets easily.

The solution complies with the following regulatory documents:

  • PCI DSS (generally accepted standard developed by the leading money transfer providers in the market — MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, and Discover);
  • Safe Harbor Framework (international privacy principles that are widely applied by developers from North America and Europe);
  • HTTPS TLS 1.2 (a protocol that defines the rules of collection, storage and transmission of information using private IP addresses);
  • PSD2 (Revised Payment Services Directive (EU)).

Complex KYB-Check of Business Projects

4Stop software: complex KYB-check

The 4Stop casino protection software is one of the few products on the market aimed at checking not only users of a virtual resource but also the company's business partners. KYB (Know Your Business) tools can combat lots of violations, for example, fraud and money laundering.

As a rule, cybercriminals use casino websites for illegal transfers. The system of ID verification for casinos from 4Stop conducts a multi-factor check of all counterparties the entrepreneur cooperates with. The businessman can be confident in every transaction carried out through the payment gateway of his or her online casino.

Find out how the 4Stop casino security software for KYB checks works:

Advanced mirroring technology

The service explores partners’ websites using open source analytics.

The customer receives a deep analysis of the counterparty with defined risk indicators, estimates and recommendations for optimal performance in seven minutes

Historical data analysis

This type of research provides detailed information about the company and its website for over 5 years, including:

  • general evaluation of the virtual project;

  • sources of interaction;

  • user traffic;

  • information about server hardware, hosting, and IP

Sanction check

The global analysis covers such international registries as FATF, OFAC, AML/CTF, PEP, RCA, SIP, and others

Credit risk analysis

Providers who decide to connect the 4Stop software to protect their casinos will receive a report with the following sections:

  • extensive coverage of the business type (addresses, number of employees, industry classification according to the SIC code);

  • financial parameters (annual sales, regional and federal tax liens);

  • legal analysis (UCC documents, court decisions, bankruptcy information, licencing area);

  • UBO analysis (information about the ultimate beneficiaries)

In-depth underwriting check (insurance risks)

Additional evaluation of payment processing pages, limits financial, and credit insurance reports, as well as fake traffic

Why Should You Connect the Verification for Casinos from 4Stop?

The 4Stop casino fraud protection conducts multi-factor verification of all users of the website. It helps to solve many problems associated with:

  • theft of accounts and personal data;
  • multi-accounting;
  • irrational accrual of bonuses and other rewards;
  • hacker attacks;
  • other manifestations of illegal interference with the operation of the online gambling project.

The identification of gamers is based on the KYC (Know Your Customer) method.

Operators who decide to connect the verification for casinos from 4Stop can control Internet traffic from a single command centre. The mechanism performs a dynamic check and protection of gamers and transaction data with quantitative evaluation and advanced analytics.

The manufacturer has integrated hundreds of KYC data sources to ensure maximum coverage and optimal use of information. This approach will allow you to connect the 4Stop software to protect the casino regardless of the country or region of your gambling platform’s activity.

The Benefits of the Security Software

The 4Stop casino fraud protection is characterised by the following advantages:

  1. Global coverage. The operator will get access to over 1,000 data points, more than 100 sources of KYC information and well-designed anti-fraud technology.
  2. Simple integration. You will need only one API interface to connect the verification for casinos from 4Stop. The software will not change the basic code of your gambling site. Moreover, it will increase the reliability of your online resource.
  3. Universality. The product is suitable not only for online casinos but also for other gaming projects. Bookmakers, poker room owners, lottery website operators can buy this solution.
  4. Fast results. The system of ID verification for casinos from 4Stop operates in automatic mode. The initial check of a gamer or business partner takes only 7 minutes. Then, the entrepreneur will receive information necessary for prompt decision-making.
  5. Good performance. The software performs over 1,000 requests per minute. This is an impressive figure.
  6. Round-the-clock support. Professionals in the field of IT, finance and Internet protection will help you set up the product, answer all your questions, familiarise you with the rules of the system, solve any technical nuances associated with the implementation of the solution into the structure of working online casinos.

Well-Thought-Out Reporting System

4Stop well-thought-out reporting system

In addition to detecting potential violators, the software provides detailed reporting on performed tasks.

The 4Stop casino fraud protection includes such instruments as:

  • tools for configuring view queues with performance monitoring and export of analytics;
  • AML/CTF (anti-money laundering and terrorist financing) reports with built-in threshold alerts for submission to regulatory authorities;
  • analytics about Big Data modelling necessary for making quick decisions on risk management;
  • credit reports on companies and UBO (ultimate beneficiaries) with information about the financial history and credit limits;
  • business intelligence with advanced data analysis and options for fast export of reports;
  • automatic messages about new transactions with a warning about possible risks.

Additional Settings for Protecting Gambling Projects

The security casino from 4Stop implies some well-thought-out filters for independent adjustments of the protection software.

The built-in configuration wizard includes:

  • the import of rule sets and archiving of outdated information;
  • manual/special search;
  • automatic configuration parameters;
  • the logic of associations and script templates;
  • time-limited rule settings and other parameters, considering the peculiarities of a particular gambling website.

The Main Things about the 4Stop Software

The provider follows an integrated approach to protecting casino websites. The company is one of the few suppliers on the market that propose instruments not only for checking gamers but also for analysing business partners’ activities.

  • The software meets the leading industry standards of processing payments and transferring confidential information.
  • The system of ID verification for casinos from 4Stop is based on KYC tools. It is versatile. The system covers more than 100 information sources with over 1,000 key markets. Users can play games of chance without fear that their data will be lost or stolen by a third party.
  • The security software includes a universal reporting service and a built-in filter wizard that will allow you to customise the security system according to your needs.

To order the 4Stop solutions, contact Casino Market managers.

We offer individual support at all stages of the software implementation, as well as many multi-purpose products for slot machine websites.

Casino software, scripts, White Label solutions and ready-made systems purchased under a franchise agreement will help you create a profitable gaming project from scratch.

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