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Accertify Casino Fraud Protection Software: Innovative Products From the American Supplier

Accertify is a well-known supplier of innovative digital security services. The developer offers solutions that can prevent fraud in the field of gambling on the Internet.

Accertify casino protection software

It is always possible to connect Accertify software to protect a casino on very beneficial terms by turning to Casino Market. Our experts will be glad to tell you more about this solution and provide a full-fledged support for your startup.

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About the Manufacturer

In 2007, an international team of professional managers who specialize in fraud and financial risks decided to establish the described company.

In 2018 (after a ban on the gambling monopoly in the US was introduced), Accertify casino security became the focus area of this brand.

In 2019, it joined forces with the InAuth corporation and equipped its solutions with an unprecedented identification system and the risk control option through a single digital module.

The developer supplies digital security solutions to:

  • representatives of the iGaming niche;
  • companies that specialize in retail and online sales;
  • travel agencies (for tickets booking, excursions, etc., and a multi-level insurance system);
  • electronic financial institutions, investment managers, and firms that organize online money transfers.

Among the special features of Accertify casino security software, we can mention its ability to manage projects of any format.

Tasks of the Security System in the iGaming Industry

The Accertify id verification for a casino is aimed at preventing such violations of law as:

  1. Capture of profile pages. The module instantly detects and prevents attempts of unauthorized access to customer profiling and theft of money.
  2. Presence of several accounts. The program blocks the ability to play from various accounts to get an advantage over other gamblers.
  3. Presence of minors in a gambling establishment. The Accertify casino fraud protection software automatically analyzes the history of user devices and prevents people under the age of 21 from playing casino games.
  4. Conspiracy between users. The system detects any deviating behaviour and blocks any ways to collude so that visitors to the casino cannot cheat.
  5. Bots. Accertify casino security software generates templates based on adaptive algorithms so that operators can block suspicious traffic and access from illegal accounts in the round-the-clock mode.
  6. Presence of several user accounts. The system prohibits the creation of new accounts for relatives, friends, and colleagues of the registered players. The aim of this program is to create equal conditions for all participants.
  7. Overindulgence of bonuses. The Accertify id verification for a casino offers restrictions on the crediting system for new users. The purpose of this development is to prevent people from creating new accounts to receive bonus money.

Why Entrepreneurs Prefer the Accertify Casino Security Software

Accertify casino security software: advantages

Its most unique feature is the ability to detect the unauthorized actions of both visitors to a casino and partners of the brand.

Advantages of buying the American security system

Elements of this product

This program has many elements, and its modules are aimed at conducting all processes of an enterprise — from checking and identifying new users to controlling financial transactions and generating reports for a certain period

Technological innovations

When this system has been developed, the latest solutions and technologies were used: encrypted communication channels, powerful financial gateways, programs for copying and holding data

Integration speed

Operators only need a couple of minutes to connect Accertify verification for a casino since software protocols are transmitted via seamless API channels, which provides for an opportunity to combine the product with any third-party solutions without the need to change the underlying code


The personnel adapts the system to a specific platform. The seller offers more than just a ready-made product: he helps with its connection, setup, and subsequent maintenance

Security assurance

Independent audit and certification are mandatory for all solutions of this brand. Thus, it holds the ISO 27001 certificate

Branded Offers of Accertify

For iGaming entrepreneurs, the developer has designed a unique Fraud Management platform.

Accertify casino security is ensured thanks to complementary modules:

Risk Management

Key elements of this module are:

Assessment of the risk level

The risk of active transactions is automatically analyzed in real-time.

The neural network focuses on the following data:

  • analysis of the behavioural reaction of users;

  • monitoring the user's credit history;

  • studying the history of previous purchases and the related transactions;

  • detection of changes in geolocation data

Thorough analysis

This program has 2 formats of work: full automation and manual control of financial flows. Data is filtered and segmented at the discretion of the owner

A record of consistency

The developer has created a convenient system that generates reports. Data is analyzed and structured in real-time.

Casino operators can view reports in several formats and export the received data to a remote enterprise storage

Chargeback Management

This software module reduces the financial risks of the gaming site by 50% and improves interaction with the audience.

Positive characteristics of the product:

  1. Variability. The Accertify casino fraud protection software can be purchased as a complex security system or independently.
  2. Speed of updates. Information on questioned transactions can be uploaded to the system on a daily basis, and responses to users will be generated automatically and sent without the manual intervention.
  3. Management. The system is fully automated. However, operators can make allowances and establish individual criteria for working with users (for example, you can indicate the cause of the dispute, quotation for currency, the date of application filing, etc.).
  4. Reporting. Analytical reports on controversial issues are delivered in a structured package that makes it possible to see the “full scope” and develop the most effective algorithms for further work in disputed situations with players.
  5. Secure transport. Reporting data is archived, encrypted, and transferred for storage to remote servers. Operators can view the reports at any time or use the Scheduled View option and perform analysis at regular intervals.

Financial Gateway

Characteristics of the module:

  • support for more than 120 currencies;
  • automatic operation;
  • availability of options for tokenization of work on the platform;
  • making payments through several hostings;
  • adaptive models for order processing.

Protection Against Hacker Attacks

The aim of this module is to ensure the technical safety of a gaming site and information integrity.

This system:

  • fights against malicious code;
  • protects against information leakage, intellectual property theft, and “piracy”;
  • meets DDoS attacks;
  • prevents failures caused by inappropriate actions of personnel;
  • blocks programs that cannot be effectively controlled.

How to Connect Accertify Verification for a Casino

Accertify id verification for a casino

The most important thing for the American manufacturer is to protect gaming sites and identify/block unauthorized user actions. Another aim of this program is to automatically identify a loyal audience and make it easier for gamblers to play and withdraw funds.

It is also worth noting that the Accertify id verification for a casino “expands” to all sections with which visitors to a casino interact, thereby building multi-level behavioural patterns for further training and uncovering new fraud schemes.

Having decided to order the Accertify solution, operators receive an automated system that checks all new players, paying special attention to several parameters:

  1. History of the device. The system analyzes the history of interaction with the user's gadget and all the related attributes (online purchases, connection with the devices that were previously blacklisted by the casino, etc.).
  2. Quality of the Internet connection. The ISP metadata and the client's IP address are requested automatically.
  3. Geolocation. By analyzing the location of users by GPS, you can sieve away the audience from countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.
  4. Behavioural analysis. The Accertify casino verification system pays attention to various factors, such as the way a game session is launched, the quality of passwords, the speed of data entry, and the time spent on the gaming site.
  5. The gambler’s reputation. This program creates a “portrait” of a client based on his behaviour in social networks, previous purchases, the presence of disputes, the quality of credit history, and some other factors.

The Main Things About Accertify Casino Security Software

The Accertify casino protection software is a perfect option for those who want to maximize the security of internal processes, financial infrastructure, and user data.

The described solution gives operators several benefits:

  • Guaranteed protection. All developments of this brand undergo mandatory multi-level testing and licensing.
  • Variability of work. Operators are offered a wide choice of separate components (for example, payment gateways or a risk control centre) and the ability to buy the end-to-end system that works under machine learning technology.
  • Functionality. The seamless operation is guaranteed regardless of the volume of external requests, as well as protection against DDoS attacks and technical assistance.
  • Coverage of the niche. The brand’s portfolio includes a good set of security solutions (from the credit history check to the encrypted data transmission channels and ways to create personalized conditions for specific customers).

By turning to Casino Market, it is possible to connect Accertify software to protect the casino on very beneficial terms. We will resolve all legal issues and guarantee a transparent transaction.

Our product range consists of such solutions as:

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Available communication channels:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • the feedback form.
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