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Casino Fraud Protection Bet IT Best: Multi-Level Security Tools for Sale

Bet IT Best GmbH is a recognisable gaming brand that has gained the loyalty of thousands of European users. Having started its activities in the early 2000s, the company has accumulated sufficient experience, which helped it enter the international arena and launch a successful product line for the B2B audience.

Сasino protection software from Bet IT Best

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Our catalogue is constantly updated. Products from leading developers, a wide range of business services (from organising a customer support team to full-scale promotions), ready-made content, and some unique offers are available to our clients.

Interesting Facts about the European Manufacturer

The casino security Bet IT Best is a unique project of a group of German developers. The headquarters of the company is located in Munich (federal state of Bavaria).

The manufacturer is always ready to cooperate with new talented specialists. Today, the brand employs more than 300 professionals (from developers and testers of new digital products to a strong management team and its legal department).

The system of ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best and original betting products have been approved by the local federal regulator (Bavaria) and the Malta Gambling Commission. The exclusive developments of the company allow users to play games of chance in Europe, Asia and Africa, in the territories of Latin America absolutely legally.

A unique feature of the firm is the variability of work. The manufacturer's library includes a large selection of services aimed at the B2C audience and a good base of tools for gambling entrepreneurs.

B2B solutions are divided into two categories:

  • bookmaker scripts for launching network start-ups and turnkey White Label projects;
  • the casino security software Bet IT Best is available for connection to working platforms.

Betting Products from the German Developer

After ordering a ready-made bookmaker script, the investor receives a complex multifunctional system, which has a built-in casino fraud protection from Bet IT Best.

Another feature of the brand’s software is the possibility to use it for remote business and the organisation of ground-based network projects.

Library of exclusive betting products

Sports betting portal

The developer offers an original online platform with a good selection of odds for over 100 sports events (including team and individual competitions)


The manufacturer has introduced a unique live streaming service into its product. It allows users to watch the tournaments between athletes or teams in a real-time mode. At the same time, gamers can play for their favourite teams independently

Global News Service

The sporting event feed is updated daily. The latest data is taken from almost all available sources.

The developer proposes:

  • articles from reputable news services;

  • relevant insider data;

  • interviews with event participants (coaches and athletes, judges);

  • opinions and reports of expert analysts;

  • broadcasts from influential TV channels

ID Verification for Casinos from Bet IT Best: The Main Functions

ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best

The production of security tools is the second specialisation of the German brand. The company offers an interactive multitasking solution designed to find and fix such problems as:

  1. Multi-accounting. The casino security software from Bet IT Best can detect any attempts to get an advantage in the gaming process. The system will block players using multiple accounts automatically.
  2. The use of bots. As a rule, bots are applied by affiliates to increase traffic. Gamers can also use this method to withdraw bonuses without placing bets. The ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best reacts to behavioural anomalies and blocks dishonest visitors instantly, transferring information about them to a single blacklist.
  3. Intellectual property theft. The safety instrument from the German supplier prevents reverse engineering manifestations, protecting copyrighted products and averting leakage of commercial information.
  4. Attacks and hacks. The casino fraud protection from Bet IT Best is an adaptive modular system that can add all identified inconsistencies to the operating algorithms automatically. Continuous self-learning of the program will allow you to respond to any anomalous activity quickly and prevent even the most complex fraudulent schemes without decreasing your website’s performance.
  5. Risky transactions. The casino fraud protection from Bet IT Best has a built-in powerful financial module that supports popular currencies and payment methods. It is impossible to withdraw money from the platform without a multi-level verification of the user according to sanction lists (the ID verification for casinos from Bet IT Best analyses the credit history of each player).
  6. Age limit. The program strictly monitors the admission of citizens permitted by the regulator to the gaming platform (persons over 21 years old).
  7. Technical issues. Having decided to connect the verification for casinos from Bet IT Best, the operator gets the possibility to protect his or her project from massive external threats and receive a convenient automatic back-up service. The original script can cope with technical failures without losing the production capacity of the gaming system.

The program works according to the following scheme:

  1. Collection and analysis of customer data. The service is activated when the user visits the gaming platform for the first time. It records all the data entered by the customer.
  2. Comparison of the primary information during subsequent entries. The procedure is automated and does not require manual intervention. If some inconsistencies are found, the service conducts an additional check. A repeated error is the reason for the temporary blockage of the account and the report’s transmission to the casino operator.

Innovations in the Digital Security Field

The Bet IT Best casino security products are built based on powerful electronic systems and tools that showed good results in various virtual commerce industries (including banking).

As for the production of security products, the company uses the following instruments:

Anti-Fraud Systems

This innovative banking technology is designed to check a customer's history for potential fraud. The program is responsible for ensuring the security of financial information and cash flows.

One of the product’s features is a large selection of individual filters. The operator can customise the service according to the following parameters:

  • the amount of one-time translation;
  • the time frame of the operation;
  • configurations of typical regular transactions;
  • monitoring operations through a specific banking institution.

SIG Tools

A powerful system for protecting information flows is built into the program. All personal and business data is transported over the internal encrypted network.

The module is ideal for managing remote servers and cloud storages.

UDP, TCP, and DNS Porting

The aim of this product is in assessing incoming traffic. It is worth connecting the verification for casinos from Bet IT Best to control abnormal activity. Besides, the software estimates not only the growth peaks of external requests but also monitors the quality of sources.

A separate block of the module is designed to work with users applying VPN services to enter websites.

Why do Investors Choose German Security Software?

Bet IT Best security software: advantages

The developer guarantees a 100% result and maximum protection for digital commerce projects.

The software of the German brand is a multipurpose product that combines the following advantages:

  1. Speed of response. The software components of the system respond to any suspicious changes in the operation of the website instantly and activate protective services depending on the qualification of the problem. The program can launch blocking multi-accounts, banning a transaction, backing up, notifying the operator about the discrepancy of the player's personal information, etc.
  2. Systematic training. The tool adapts to the specified work patterns and creates its algorithms automatically, focusing on previously unknown variants of fraud.
  3. Simple connection. The developer has provided the opportunity of software integration through API gateways. Installation and debugging of the system take several minutes and do not require adjusting the basic casino script.
  4. Well-thought-out backend. A good selection of filters for initial setup and several templates for debugging the product according to the requirements of local regulators are available to operators.

The Main Things about the Brand’s Protection System

If you want to ensure maximum safety of business processes, personal user information, and financial flows, connect the Bet IT Best software to protect the casino. 

Consider the advantages of purchasing German security tools:

  • Legal status. The quality of the products is confirmed by leading laboratories of the industry and approved by the regulators of Malta and the Free State of Bavaria.
  • Professional support. The supplier guarantees comprehensive support. Several communication channels are provided for operators. Moreover, the company has its legal department engaged in the efficient regulation of legal issues.
  • The simplicity of the integration. You can connect the Bet IT Best software to protect the casino using seamless API protocols. They can make the system ready to work in a few minutes.
  • The assortment of offers. In addition to program products for protecting digital commerce, you can buy ready-made betting projects from the vendor with extensive bet lines and a detailed list of over 100 team and individual competitions.

To get detailed information about the provider and help in integrating gaming products, please, contact Casino Market managers. We guarantee a prompt response, professional technical support, assistance in organisational and legal issues, and competitive prices.

Our catalogue contains solutions from leading providers: Microgaming, Gaminator3, NetEnt,, Amatic, and Ezugi.

We update our assortment constantly and offer services for gaming projects of any format: turnkey casinos, slot machines, live content, software for organising lottery draws and betting platforms, multi-currency payment modules, etc.

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