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Casino Fraud Protection AFIMAC: Security Systems for Sale

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Operators who take the issue of safety responsibly should connect the AFIMAC software to protect their casinos. This world-renowned developer collaborates with governments of different countries and large corporations actively.

Сasino protection software from AFIMAC

You have the opportunity to provide a high level of security of your land-based or virtual club and forget about potential risks. Order the casino protection software from AFIMAC by contacting the Casino Market team. We offer favourable terms of cooperation, high-quality technical support, and counselling on all issues related to the use of program components.

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A Few Important Facts about the Manufacturer

AFIMAC Global has been operating in the world market for about 30 years. It is engaged in such fields:

  • international security;
  • crisis response, investigations;
  • labour disputes;
  • ensuring business continuity.

AFIMAC Global is headquartered in Milton, Canada. The firm works with public and private sector organisations around the world.

The company has gained an impeccable reputation in the global market. Therefore, its services are used not only by large banks, corporations and retailers but also by national governments.

The casino security software from AFIMAC is the best solution for the development of a successful business.

Why Is It Worth Connecting the AFIMAC Casino Security Software?

The main functions of security blocks and the system of ID verification for casinos from AFIMAC are as follows:

  • the blockage of reverse engineering;
  • the suppression of incorrect activities of personnel;
  • the protection of personal and payment information of users;
  • the prevention of hacker attacks;
  • the fight against multi-accounting and bonus fraud;
  • the denial of access to the resource by minors (the system of ID verification for casinos from AFIMAC checks the identity of each user and filters out those who are not allowed to play by law).

The casino security software and ID verification for casinos from AFIMAC were developed following the latest technologies. Consider some of them:

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

The AFIMAC casino fraud protection recognises and suppresses attempts to intrude into the security system.

IPS is an extension of the Intrusion Detection System (IDS). It performs the same functions, but works much faster, in a real-time mode.

IPS prevents such threats:

  • remote hacker attacks;

  • local attempts to access the system.

The technology is based on traffic analysis algorithms


The AFIMAC casino security is also ensured by firewalls that monitor network traffic.

The task of the Firewall is to compare the parameters of the incoming information with the specified templates and, allow or deny traffic based on this analysis.

The AFIMAC casino security software applies firewalls not only at the border of the network perimeter but also between different segments of the same network, increasing the efficiency of the program components significantly


The AFIMAC casino security software uses special secure gateways for transmitting traffic

Functional Software Blocks of the System

The AFIMAC casino fraud protection consists of three software blocks:

Security and Fraud

This is one of the most important components of the security system.

The aims of the module:

  • the detection and suppression of attempts to hack user accounts;
  • the protection of personal information and money of customers;
  • the prevention of fraudulent activities in games;
  • the identification of outside interference in the work of the web resource.

Payments Risk Assessment

The AFIMAC casino fraud protection has a special built-in module allowing website owners to manage business operations and prevent theft of funds.

Let us take a closer look at the functions of the Payments Risk Assessment block:

  1. Verification of payments. Before confirming a transaction, the security module analyses financial details. After that, the system sends it for further processing. Suspicious transactions are rejected automatically.
  2. Control of bonuses. The Payments Risk Assessment block is responsible for the correct accrual of loyalty program prizes and suppresses the activities of “bonus scammers”.
  3. Support for access level settings. The casino operator can determine the rights of the staff, administrators and users independently. The task of the security module is to react to attempts of unauthorised access to any element of the system.


Operators who want to protect their business from unscrupulous players should connect the AFIMAC verification for casinos.

This system module checks the data entered by users and allows or denies access to the system based on a comprehensive analysis. The tasks of the software block also include the protection of personal and payment information of customers and casino personnel.

The Specifics of Connecting the Verification for Casinos from AFIMAC

Verification for casinos from AFIMAC

It is necessary to connect the verification for casinos from AFIMAC to allow respectable customers to use all the available options of your gambling resource and avoid potential risks.

The advantages of the system:

  1. Fast installation and configuration. API protocols are used to integrate the software. Therefore, the whole procedure takes a few hours.
  2. Simple scheme of primary identification. The registration and login processes are simplified as much as possible. Users do not face any obstacles. The system asks for a minimum of data. However, it checks it very carefully. Clients enter additional information during financial transactions: depositing, withdrawing, transferring money to other accounts, etc.
  3. The operation following local regulations. The age requirements for players vary in different jurisdictions. Some countries allow gambling activities for people over 18 years old. In some states, the age limit has been raised to 21. The verification system can prohibit minors from visiting the resource.
  4. The check of gamers according to the sanction lists. Casino operators create special registers with data on users convicted of fraud or people prone to gambling addiction. The security module will prevent gamers from these lists from accessing your website.

The AFIMAC verification system can simplify the work of operators in regulated markets. Having made the correct adjustments, the entrepreneur will eliminate most of the risks and automate many processes.

The Main Things about the Software for Protecting Gambling Resources

The AFIMAC software is a good solution to guarantee the security of your gambling business.

  • The manufacturer's products are trusted not only by entrepreneurs but also by governments. This is the best confirmation of the high quality of the protection systems.
  • A well-thought-out risk management module automates many administrative processes. Thanks to this peculiarity, the operator should not worry about the management issue. He or she can focus on promotion and business extension.
  • The operator may configure the access parameters and change them independently. This convenient feature can let you limit the powers of employees depending on their responsibilities.
  • The system controls users’ actions to the full. The software detects abuse, fraud attempts, and other prohibited activities instantly.
  • The product can simplify the operation of casinos in regulated markets greatly. The adaptation of the resource to the requirements of the jurisdiction is carried out during the initial setup of the software. After that, the system will prevent unauthorised actions automatically. If the legal regulations change, the software parameters can be adjusted.

Casino Market offers to connect the AFIMAC software to protect the casino on favourable terms. In addition to reliable security systems, you can buy high-quality games from the best manufacturers, administrative software, and additional services.

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Updated 22 september 2023
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