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Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott)
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Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) Casino Fraud Protection: Combating Cyber-Attacks and Scam

Companies that seek to improve the reliability and performance of their virtual resources should connect the Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) casino protection software.

Abilott casino protection software

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Brief Information about the Company

Abilott is a British digital security company aimed at the commercial sector. The provider offers to connect the Abilott software to protect casinos, buy anti-fraud systems for the insurance and bank industries, and order security solutions for the retail area.

Consider the key information about the developer:

  • The brand was founded in 2007 in the UK.
  • The headquarters is located in Leeds. The firm employs more than 100 professionals in such fields as cybersecurity, law, and programming.
  • Specialists from Melbourne work with clients from Southeastern Asia and Australia. Abilott has a representative office here.

As for the iGaming industry, the manufacturer has extensive experience in the field of gambling regulation in various jurisdictions. The company works with operators on testing security standards and issuing licences to ensure full compliance with gambling management.

Such famous brands as Gamesys, Betfair, Virgin Games, Jackpot Rising, and others are provider's clients.

In September 2020, the company merged with the Airnow holding. The brand was renamed into Airnow Cybersecurity.

Focus on Business Cybersecurity

To ensure complete casino security, Abilott has focused on comprehensive protection against cybercriminals.

The security solution can prevent such threats:

  • malicious code embedding (software for unauthorised entry and identity theft);
  • actions of ransomware (this dangerous software blocks access to the system files of casino websites);
  • phishing (sending fake e-mails to obtain confidential information — passwords, PIN codes, etc.);
  • DDoS attacks (systemic intrusions into the work of a gambling resource);
  • the impact of social engineering on the behaviour of gamers (security software identifies methods and techniques that make players disclose their personal information).

The system of ID verification for casinos from Abilott combat the actions of intruders successfully. The software creates a reliable business environment and guarantees the best playing conditions for real users of the gambling platform.

Principles of the Multitasking Software Operation

The Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) casino fraud protection is based on advanced information technologies and tools:


These are next-generation firewalls that prevent criminals from entering the casino network.

Firewalls check internet traffic and block or allow entry based on the received information


These intrusion detection and prevention systems are oriented on machine learning. IDPS detect behavioural anomalies and identify attacks very quickly

Application control services

The system of ID verification for casinos from Abilott limits file sharing and filters application types. First of all, files and data libraries downloaded by casino employees from open sources are checked

Endpoint systems

These are tools for effective protection of endpoints (computers, laptops, mobile devices) through which access to the personal data of gamers is carried out

Monitoring logs

Accumulative registers record data on hacker attacks, attempts of fraud, and other suspicious activities.

During each next attack, the Abilott casino security software compares the intrusion with previous records for fast decision-making

The developer monitors the market constantly to update anti-fraud instruments promptly and ensure the highest level of casino security from Abilott. Operators always receive the latest versions of the software. The update process is automatic.

Reasons to Connect the Verification for Casinos from Abilott

Verification for casinos from Abilott

The active growth of internet traffic from mobile devices requires additional protective measures from operators. Users of gambling applications must be sure of the absolute safety of gaming solutions. They will be able to play real money games, bringing good profits to entrepreneurs, in such conditions.

It is worth connecting the verification for casinos from Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) due to the presence of the Triage Reporting module.

The check of gambling applications is carried out in three stages:

  1. Research. This is a general assessment of a gambling application using static analysis and analytics tools Airnow Data (a special application from the company's partner Airnow). The system summarises the identified threats and determines the main performance parameters (load time, user retention percentage, etc.).
  2. Control work. This set of manual tests eliminates false alarms. As a rule, they are detected in automated operations (gamers’ identification, game selection, depositing). Besides, a penetration test for mobile applications is carried out at this stage.
  3. Reporting. The system of ID verification for casinos from Abilott contains a combination of standard risk assessment indicators. Sorting reports with average CVSS rate, Airnow rating and extra AF safety point also include tips for fixing bugs emerged in gaming applications. This information helps operators to prioritise troubleshooting better.

Services for Casino Site Security Testing

The provider conducts a comprehensive check of websites:

  1. General security testing. This is an in-depth analysis of networks, systems, servers and applications. The developer uses standard tests because they can identify the most serious cybersecurity risks very effectively.
  2. Infrastructure check. The Abilott casino security software analyses the safety of server equipment, wireless network, cloud storage, and other infrastructure elements.
  3. Testing for susceptibility to social engineering attacks. These risks include misleading casino employees to make them violate cybersecurity policy standards.

The Benefits of the Protection Software

Abilott protection software: benefits

The Abilott casino fraud protection has the following advantages:

  1. The flexibility of solutions. The company adapts its product to the specific needs of the operator, providing only relevant software for customers. Changes may be related to the peculiarities of local legislation, access to international markets, and business expansion.
  2. Simple integration. It is quite easy to connect the verification for casinos from Abilott thanks to the application programming interfaces. The API technology helps the operator to install the software in a few minutes without changing the structure of the website’s source code.
  3. Individual approach. The supplier has been engaged in ensuring cybersecurity for over 10 years. Therefore, it recommends its customers to choose only necessary solutions.
  4. Compliance with industry standards. The Abilott casino fraud protection has GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (EU)), ISO 27001 (World Information Security Standards), PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and Cyber Essentials (National Cyber Security Centre) certificates.

The Main Things about the Abilott Software

Airnow Cybersecurity (formerly Abilott) is a UK-based business security software provider. The company cooperates with representatives of retail, insurance, banking, and gambling industries.

  • The Abilott casino security software is aimed at combating cyber-attacks. The developer applies firewalls, IDPS, application control services, endpoint systems, and monitoring logs.
  • The product is flexible and adaptable to changes in local legislation and the operator's business interests.
  • The company conducts testing of all components of casino websites, including cloud infrastructure, mobile applications, and the overall level of security.

You can connect the Abilott software to protect the casino by contacting Casino Market managers. Besides, we recommend you to pay attention to our turnkey projects (slot machine and betting websites), marketing solutions and business licensing services.

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