Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Casino Fraud Protection iovation: Connect Reliable Software from Casino Market

The company iovation was founded in 2004 in Portland (Oregon, USA). It is considered one of the leaders in the fight against cybercrime and fraud. The manufacturer's solutions are used in insurance, bank, online commerce, gambling, and other industries.

iovation online casino security software

You can buy the iovation casino security software from Casino Market. This reliable software is based on an integrated approach to ensuring business safety.

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Solving Essential Business Tasks with the iovation Software

Operators of gambling resources strive to operate in a reliable environment and protect their websites from unauthorised interference.

The iovation casino security software can solve a lot of potential problems, including:

  1. Reputational losses. Fraud by unscrupulous gamers leads to reduced user traffic. Gamers do not want to play casino games with unfair rules or incorrect accrual of bonuses. The provider has developed an effective customer protection strategy.
  2. Theft of financial assets. Attackers often try to obtain passwords from bank cards, electronic payment services, and other data necessary to steal money. Reliable security systems can avert such situations.
  3. Financial fraud. Operators can eliminate money laundering and other illegal operations on their resources by installing protection tools.

The iovation casino protection software assesses risks and prevents problems effectively. Operators should not worry about their assets.

Important Information about the Company's Products

The following facts demonstrate the reliability of the software solutions:

  1. The provider's security tools have protected more than 54 billion transactions worldwide, having established the uninterrupted operation of over 7 billion user devices.
  2. For 16 years, the company has managed to work with more than 36 thousand brands, including the representatives of the iGaming field.
  3. The software applies multilevel verification systems. They help to identify not only website visitors but also devices and unique IP addresses belonging to potential fraudsters.

Why Operators Should Connect the iovation Verification for Casinos?

iovation verification for casinos

The software is based on multi-factor authentication services. You can perform such tasks with their help:

  • separate real users from intruders;
  • identify potential fraudsters;
  • suppress any attempts of illegal intrusion into the work of your gambling resource.

Unlike most solutions presented on the market, the iovation casino security focuses on in-depth analysis of both the casino website’s customers and their devices. Particular attention is paid to protection from hackers, phishing schemes, DDoS attacks, and ransomware.

Entrepreneurs who decide to connect the verification for casinos from iovation get the most secure business environment. The software operates comprehensively. Therefore, third-party interference in the work of gambling platforms is excluded.

Effective Solutions for Fraud Detection

The iovation casino fraud protection is based on such modern technologies:

Cyber Planner 2.0 FCC

This is a universal barrier between the software and cybercriminals. The solution contains templates for documenting security protocols and a set of reliable protection tools

SureScore Machine Learning Models

Supervised machine learning algorithms predict outcomes and assess risks in a real-time mode.

To ensure casino security, iovation applies over 80 million detailed reports on abuse


This patented technology identifies, links and ranks scattered data for detecting fraudulent attempts

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The system analyses the past actions of players and casino partners to predict future results accurately.

The iovation casino fraud protection processes a wide range of data and reveals patterns which are difficult to notice for operators independently.

The service identifies gamers participating in bonus abuse


The system of ID verification for casinos from iovation is based on biometric face and fingerprint recognition technologies. These instruments help to identify and block potential intruders

The Main Advantages of the Protection Software

The iovation casino fraud protection has such significant advantages:

  1. Good performance. The system processes over 30 million requests per day and more than 11 billion operations per year (identification, verification of transactions, detection of anomalies, etc.). Server equipment is localised in the USA and Europe. This peculiarity provides the coverage of key markets. The company uses private servers. This feature eliminates the possibility of confidential information leakage.
  2. A comprehensive approach. The system of ID verification for casinos from iovation analyses each request using more than 50 behavioural scenarios and patterns.
  3. Compliance with industry standards. The security software is developed based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and other specialised regulations.
  4. Simple integration. To connect the iovation software to protect casinos, operators do not need to make changes to the source code of their gambling resources. The manufacturer has provided simple software customisation based on API tools.
  5. Convenient backend. Despite the complexity and wide functionality of the project, it is characterised by a clear and laconic interface. It is quite easy to understand the control system since all the basic options are located in the main menu.
  6. Cross-platform support. The software can be easily integrated into any mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, macOS), or browser solution.

Multi-Level Identification System

Multi-level iovation identification system

It is possible to connect the verification for casinos from iovation using several schemes, depending on the preferences and current needs of the customer.

The developer offers the following operations:

  1. Adaptive authentication. The operator can configure the list of parameters that are used to check gamers and their devices independently. He or she can use such procedures as simple one-touch verification and authentication based on biometric data or other information to confirm the identity of the gadget’s owner.
  2. Mobile identification. This method is designed for mobile devices. It implies the application of pin codes, complex passwords, text verification and fingerprint scanning.
  3. Risk-based authentication. The iovation ID verification for casinos considers additional security factors for transactions that seem risky.
  4. Two-factor identification. It is easy to add verification tools based on information about devices, geolocation, real IP addresses, spending limits, biometrics, and risk assessment to a working security service.

The system separates the authentication process from downloaded mobile or PC gambling applications. This peculiarity helps operators to save encrypted account data and minimise risks on end-user devices.

Operation Principles of Biometric Verification

This type of verification involves the use of biometric technologies. To access an account or e-wallet, the user just needs to bring the smartphone to his or her face. The procedure lasts a few seconds. However, it is the result of the painstaking work of architects and programmers from iovation.

When a gamer passes verification, the iovation casino security software collates his or her face with data saved previously. In addition, the server software compares the login information with the encrypted data in the file and verifies the unique device signature.

There are two possible scenarios:

  • if the software gets a match, the user gets access to the system;
  • if the collected information mismatches, the system launches further identity verification protocols.

Reasonable Players Rewards

Businessmen who decide to connect the iovation software to protect their casinos receive a well-thought-out instrument for rewarding users.

The system performs the following actions:

  • identifies VIP-users, provides them with the best gaming experience and monetises their visits to your website;
  • motivates gamers to use the gambling resource again, thanks to a simple, and at the same time, effective verification system in a few clicks;
  • manages the self-exclusion of gamblers and encourages responsible gambling;
  • welcomes new players on partner websites;
  • provides automatic identification of previously registered users who enter the gambling resource using a new device;
  • protects users by reducing the risk of identity theft.

The Main Things about the iovation Security Software

The iovation company is an American developer of security solutions for projects working in finance, insurance, trade, and gambling areas. The brand is engaged in the creation of smart products for combating money laundering, identity theft, bonus abuse, and other forms of fraud.

  • The software is based on modern technologies: biometric recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
  • The service offers several approaches to the identification process (for example, two-phase and multi-level authentication, considering additional risks). The information used for verification is hashed and protected by cryptography tools.
  • The software is characterised by high performance, cross-platform support, and simple installation. All products comply with industry standards and international regulations.

You can order the iovation solutions from Casino Market by leaving a request on our website. Besides, pay attention to scripts and turnkey products, as well as ready-made software for slot machines, lottery and bookmaker websites to create a successful gambling project.

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