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Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Arxan Casino Fraud Protection Software: Security Services From the American Brand

This international American brand has been working in the field of information protection and prevention of hacking for over 20 years. Its software is popular with entrepreneurs from every corner of the world.

Arxan casino security software

The Casino Market team will gladly help you to connect verification for the Arxan casino and provide professional support. They will also deal with all organizational and legal issues and guarantee a successful project launch in record time.

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About the Company

The manufacturer began its work in 2001. Founders of the brand are Eric Davis and a team of researchers from Purdue University of Natural Sciences.

At first, the developer's intellectual property was licensed by the university and covered a single area — methods of protection of digital applications from hacking. The brand created such successful prototypes of security systems that part of its divisions was sold to the Microsemi corporation (it specializes in the defence industry).

Arxan casino security is now an independent project with a private fund, which is focused only on commercial offers.

Advances and achievements of the enterprise:

  • more than 5,000 client companies from all over the world;
  • more than 20 years of working experience in the field of information protection;
  • more than 1,500 global corporate partners;
  • more than 5 billion successful cases of protection of end customers.

In the spring of 2020, the brand joined forces with CollabNet VesionOne and XebiaLabs. As a result, a new international project was launched. As for the head office of this brand, it is situated in California, the US.

Reasons to Connect the Id Verification for the Arxan Casino

Among the positive aspects of working with this brand, we can definitely name the set of offers. They are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Arxan casino security for applications. We have in-house developments for all types of downloadable products: mobile, built-in, desktop, and IoT applications.
  2. Crypto technologies for encryption and protection. The cryptographic Arxan casino security software is actively used in the field of protection of confidential data in an unfriendly or unverified operational environment.

Having decided to connect software to protect the Arxan casino, operators of gambling platforms get the following benefits:

  1. Brand awareness. This provider has gained worldwide recognition: the Arxan casino fraud protection software is purchased by the well-known developer of software and IT services — the IBM concern.
  2. The firm’s reputation. The system of id verification for the Arxan casino and other products of the brand have repeatedly received prestigious awards: this the place of honour in the ranking of the most promising IoT companies in 2014, the Mobile Innovation Award in 2015, and others.
  3. Patented technologies. The brand uses several innovative security methods that are built on the multi-level interconnection of each of the program components. For example, the White-Box Cryptography product is a unique mathematical structure that combines encryption protocols, a program for artificial code obfuscation, and other types of transformation of information flows.
  4. Customer support. The firm has several options for feedback, including chat on the official website and posts in popular profiles on social media.
  5. The extensive set of solutions. The manufacturer offers ready-made application protection systems, a set of cryptographic services, and hybrid products. Moreover, it is possible to order educational resources, and consulting services.

An additional advantage is the multi-tasking of the product. The Arxan casino verification system not only classifies audiences and identifies users with bad publicity but also prevents such actions as:

  • simulation of the used script;
  • abnormal manipulations with API protocols;
  • theft of private and commercial information;
  • substitution of personal data;
  • logging in with the use of malicious software;
  • multi-accounting and other kinds of fraud the aim of which is to get advantages while playing any slot machine;
  • intellectual-property theft.

Principles of Operation of the Branded Security Software

Arxan casino fraud protection: principles of operation

Arxan casino fraud protection software is an innovative development, and it includes 3 complementary blocks:

Protection at the Code Level

The program has several tasks:

  • deliberate transformation of the original script in order to best and confuse the attackers;
  • implementation of security elements into the CI/CD chain without failures in DevOps processes;
  • automatic activation of security protocols in case of any suspicious activity.

Options for the operation of protection mechanisms

System recovery

After determining the level of threat, Arxan casino security software can restore damaged parts of the script by introducing the saved initial copy of the code into the platform

Operation shutdown

If it is impossible to fix a problem, the system for id verification for the Arxan casino completely blocks the operation of the current application firmware upgrade and the accounts of suspicious users

Notification of operators

If automatic protocols do not work or the program detects previously unknown malicious algorithms, the system will switch to manual control and offer the operator a list of possible ways to eliminate the “anomaly”

Encryption of Information Flows

The functionality of this product includes:

  • automatic encryption of static and dynamic elements of the gambling platform and all external or built-in applications for users to play;
  • protection of personal and commercial information while the game application is opened and the system data connection to server equipment;
  • automatic support for built-in cryptographic algorithms (operation in accordance with FIPS 140-2 certification standards).

Notification System

Arxan casino protection software is designed for an immediate response to any risks and broadcasting of notifications about the program's performance in real-time.

Capabilities and tasks of the service:

  • notification of clients about the reputation of apps that they use;
  • automatic or manual cessation of user accounts;
  • activation of additional authentication for players;
  • automatic optimization of the protection system, the basis of which is the analysis of previous attacks;
  • provision of analytical reports on the identified and potential threats.

Features of the American Authentication Program

Arxan casino security software was developed with the use of 3D-Secure interactive banking technology. Solutions of this kind gave a good account of themselves in various commercial industries when the system requires the most prompt and accurate user validation.

The workflow of the software:

  • the user enters the login and password;
  • the system generates a unique confirmation code;
  • the code is sent to the mobile number of the gambler in the format of a voice or SMS message;
  • the player gets access to the account only after he enters the right code.

The program can be customized in 2 modes:

  • multi-level user validation during the initial login procedure (clients cannot play or use other offers of the resource before they get the system’s approval);
  • activation of the service upon receipt of a request to withdraw money (a transaction can be carried out only after the verification of personal data and analysis of the user's credit record).

Additional Branded Services

Arxan provider: branded services

Considering the decades of experience in the field of digital services protection, the developer offers not only large-scale and ready-made products but also professional services for business support.

For the maintenance of the functionality of a framework program and improve the efficiency of the platform, it is possible to order:

  1. Agile coaching. This is a comprehensive training program for staff, including advice on technical debugging of software, several training models for the employees, and a set of check-up tests to maintain the quality of staff.
  2. Transformational elements. The American provider offers not only to connect verification for the Arxan casino but also to use a package of customization tools to increase the efficiency of the original casino script.
  3. Expert express. Clients of the company can contact a manager at any time and get more detailed information on the problem-solving methods.
  4. Apperian App Management. A unique branded tool for the independent generation of content — from the creation of simple games with template mechanics to the expansion of the gameplay options for already existing products.

The Main Things About the Arxan Casino Fraud Protection Software

Advantages of working with the brand are the following:

  • Multi-level protection. The program not only prevents hacking attacks but also has a good set of tools that will help operators to restore the initial script.
  • Sophisticated identification system. It can be launched in 2 modes: before the game starts and when a request for the transaction is received. In addition to the standard login/password elements, an additional verification option is provided as well (confirmation via a one-time SMS code or a voice message).
  • Variability of work. Various ways to respond to the external threats are built into the system’s template — from the complete blocking of the application firmware to the automatic recovery of the damaged code and switching to manual operation.
  • Wide choice. Apart from the ready-made software packages, the supplier offers consulting services, a set of educational resources, and tools for the independent generation of the game content.

We recommend you to connect software to protect the Arxan casino right now. We use seamless integration protocols and guarantee a prompt installation of the system.

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