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Alpha Casino Fraud Protection Software: Purchase Innovative Security Services

Solutions of the Alpha brand are a perfect choice for those who are trying to protect their business. This manufacturer offers flexible and multi-component products available for digital commerce and land-based enterprises.

Alpha casino fraud protection software

From Casino Market, you can find out how the Alpha id verification for a casino works and place an order to connect Alpha software to protect the casino. Our team of specialists will deal with all organizational and legal issues and technical debugging and offer you the most attractive prices.

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Information on the American Manufacturer

Alpha casino security is the development of professionals with vast experience in protecting commercial projects. One of the distinctive features of this company is the variability of work.

Today, the brand provides services in 2 industries simultaneously:

  1. Digital services. What is the aim of the Alpha casino protection software? Of course, to ensure the security of online commerce. It includes several complementary modules (control over the access to a gaming account, monitoring of financial flows, etc.).
  2. Land-based services. Those entrepreneurs who own offline enterprises can connect Alpha software to protect the casino, which includes programs for network video surveillance, alarms, and electronic protection against fire and tamper resistance.

It is worth mentioning that services for the land-based business are provided locally — in New Orleans (Louisiana, the US). Both the head office of the company and its remote customer support centre are situated there.

Why Operators Should Connect Alpha Casino Protection Software

The supplier has created a unique solution that can protect casinos against any illegal actions of customers, partners or staff.

The decision to connect Alpha verification for a casino gives operators such benefits as:

  1. Multi-functionality of solutions. It is possible to adapt the Alpha casino security software to the requests and needs of each client. We are talking not only about meeting the requirements of local regulators but also about the ability to use the brand’s developments in various business sectors — from the iGaming field to insurance services and remote trading.
  2. Working without a template. Alpha casino security was created with the use of machine learning technology. Having standardized basic algorithms, the system independently generates options for the most effective work.
  3. Assurance of reliability. The Alpha id verification for a casino system has been tested in several international laboratories and certified in the ISO / IEC 27001 format.
  4. Market coverage. With the international approval of gambling regulators and the recognition of the most well-known laboratories in the industry, Alpha casino fraud protection software has elicited a positive response from the European, Asian, and American operators.
  5. Convenient backend. The development is equipped with a good set of adaptive filters so that operators can customize the reporting at their discretion and instantly see which way the wind is blowing in any “abnormal” situation that may happen on the platform.
  6. Customer support. The provider offers several channels for feedback: a dedicated phone line, e-mail, and a chat window. The support service works 24/7.

Elements of the Branded iGaming Protection

Alpha casino security: elements

Alpha casino security is an adaptive script that should protect all components of the business structure of a project.

Among the basic modules, we can name:

Risk Evaluation Program

It is based on the consistent analysis of external data, continuous monitoring of security indicators, and comparison of the obtained results with the current standards.

Its task is to immediately identify and eliminate any contradictions that prevent the specified algorithms from working.

The service works autonomously, which excludes errors during manual administration.

Central Security Module

It is responsible for general security parameters.

Among the tasks and capabilities of the module, we can name:

  • protection of the system against interference in the internal processes by third parties;
  • prevention of malfunctioning of the platform due to the incompetence of personnel;
  • protection against external threats;
  • prevention of changes in the basic script of the platform;
  • prevention of “piracy”;
  • fight against any signs of dishonest play (multi-accounting, the collusion of users, logging into the system from different devices);
  • advertising quality control.

Payment Verification Centre

Alpha casino fraud protection software is equipped with an advanced control centre of financial operations.

Here, the following technologies are used:

  • SSL protocols (a guarantee of safe transportation and storage of personal bank data of users);
  • PCI DSS standards (the information protection with the right to automatically check up to 6 million transactions annually);
  • Android services (a program for automatic blocking of suspicious requests).

Tasks and capabilities of the branded Alpha Protection payment module

Individual evaluation of transactions

All money transfers are assessed and monitored on an individual basis, thanks to which the Alpha Protection software can predict the risk level of a transaction up to 0.1%

Automated operation

It is possible to configure the system so that those typical payments below a certain amount are automatically assessed, and large payments are redirected for additional manual Alpha id verification for a casino

Security levels

The developer has offered several responsive templates to customize the system. The models are created on the basis of previously recorded ways of cheating the system and the nuanced analysis of behavioural reactions of gamblers

Relevant distribution of money

Among the fraud schemes, the log in procedure not for the purpose of playing a slot machine but for receiving financial bonuses is the most common one. The described software instantly blocks any suspicious activity

Gamblers Identification Program

The Alpha system classifies each player and divides the audience into 2 categories: loyal customers and players with suspicious behavioural reactions or a negative history (the last group of users is automatically blocked, and information on each of them is passed along to administrators of a casino).

The program pleases with an adaptive backend and can function in 2 modes:

  • multi-level verification during the log-in procedure;
  • control of the actions of gamblers when they make the first payment transaction.

This system provides several options for the identification of gamers. The most famous ones are:

  • control of compliance of the specified data and ID documents with a photo;
  • SMS confirmation for being able to enter the user account;
  • voice authentication;
  • verification of personal information on customers.

The modular structure of the program makes operators sure that their platforms are protected at all stages of work.

The Main Things About Alpha Casino Security

Alpha Protection casino security software

The best way to automate administrative processes is to buy the Alpha casino security software. It will allow you to pay more attention to business scaling and improvement of the effectiveness of their projects.

Advantages of purchasing the branded program from the Alpha developer:

  • Assured reliability and security. All the solutions have been tested by the world’s leading laboratories and awarded with international quality certificates ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Range of services. From this company, it is possible to order products for the administration of a remote business and a set of services for keeping land-based casinos safe from fraudsters.
  • Control of financial flows. The manufacturer offers an innovative program for monitoring transactions with the possibility of automatic and manual verification depending on the volume of transactions.
  • Multi-level identification. Personalize the program and check new participants according to several parameters simultaneously (assessment of the relevance of personal data with the use of ID documents and photos, traditional confirmation of the authorization via SMS, and voice answerback).
  • Professional support. The brand has organized the 24/7 customer support with several communication channels.

Products of the American brand have been recognized by entrepreneurs from all over the world. We recommend you to connect Alpha verification for a casino right now. When you buy this product, you are getting a guarantee of the security of all business processes, audience accumulation, and the company’s profile-raising.

From Casino Market, you can purchase gambling services to fit every taste. The range of offers includes ready-made games from the best providers in the industry (Microgaming, NetEnt, Amatic, XProGaming, Ezugi), multicurrency payment services, live content, turnkey gambling platforms, social and mobile casinos, and tools that will help you to open a bookmaker’s office.

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