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AcuityTec Casino Fraud Protection Software: Connect the Multilevel Security System

The AcuityTec brand is a professional developer of security systems for digital commerce. The company has vast experience in controlling and preventing risks and offers protection against fraud. Canadian technology combines powerful analytical services, global customer databases, and multilevel authentication programs.

AcuityTec casino security software

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About the Brand

AcuityTec casino security is the software that was made by the specialists from Canada.

It has elicited an immediate positive response from such industries as:

  • digital economy;
  • retail;
  • insurance services;
  • electronic commerce;
  • communication services;
  • iGaming sphere.

This firm specializes in online activities and works with remote operators from all over the globe. Its head office is situated in Montreal.

The work team is divided into 4 departments:

  • development department;
  • management;
  • sales office;
  • customer service and technical support department.

Advantages of Purchasing the AcuityTec Casino Protection Software

AcuityTec casino security software is a flexible product that is a good choice for those who want to manage a high-risk enterprise on the Internet. It is designed for stable operation in extreme conditions, and its aim is to increase the performance of the gaming site several-fold without the need to change the initial platform code.

When operators buy AcuityTec casino protection software, they get several benefits:

  • prompt response;
  • fast stacked integration via API gateways;
  • user-friendly interface with a flexible setting system;
  • loyal pricing;
  • continuous self-learning of the program and expansion of the database of risky operations;
  • immediate result;
  • the comprehensive descriptiveness of reporting documents;
  • automatic encryption of information flows according to the SSL system;
  • an extensive set of additional services (including hosting);
  • partner websites receive a branded mark of quality — a special seal.

The Catalogue of Branded Offers

AcuityTec casino fraud protection software

AcuityTec casino fraud protection software is presented in the form of an adaptive “constructor” with many complementary modules.

The main components serve for several purposes:

Fraud Prevention

This program reduces financial risks and administrative costs, thus increasing the profit of a startup.

Functionality and structure of the product

Control of user accounts

AcuityTec casino fraud protection software is designed to show if there are any unobvious connections between user accounts.

The AcuityTec id verification for casino is automatically launched while a new client is registering on the website. After such monitoring, an internal rating of gamblers with an assessment of their reputation and the damage level that they can do to the seller of casino solutions are formed

Geolocation of gamblers

This program performs a double check of the participants: when they enter the platform and after they stop playing. This method allows you to instantly respond to changes in the geolocation data of users

Safe payments

By deciding to connect the AcuityTec verification for casino, operators get an opportunity to count on safe operation in the international format.

This system accepts any fiat money and supports all transfer methods that are known (from the deposits placed via credit cards to direct deposits and electronic accounts via mobile devices)

Data Validation and Management

For being able to check the reputation of a gambler, the AcuityTec id verification for casino uses information from all available sources. Reports of the program are formed on the basis of geolocation data, the history of equipment from which the player launched the game, the rating of the user account, and previous financial transactions on the Web.

The received information can be viewed via a convenient panel. The manufacturer has created a user-friendly interface with a large selection of personal settings. Information flows are processed continuously, and all reports are generated in real-time.

All data can be sorted into 5 categories:

  • level of risk;
  • geolocation data;
  • indicators of the platform’s traffic;
  • financial reporting;
  • priority level summary.

Financial Risk Control

AcuityTec casino fraud protection software includes such components as:

  1. Activity risk assessment. Its work is based on specified parameters and several models of behavioural analytics. In case of a high threshold of risks, the system automatically rejects the transfer and immediately sends a warning to the casino owner.
  2. Grouping of players. There are convenient tools with the help of which you can detect the linked accounts and identify hidden suspicious associations even when new users are only registering.
  3. Pre-authorization queue. The system generates a set of notifications and rules that can significantly reduce the risks of fraud. All the announced transactions form an approval queue based on a risk threshold.
  4. Automated reporting. All revealed facts of suspicious actions and other “anomalies” are instantly entered into the report and sent to the operator via the selected communication channel.
  5. Analytical services. AcuityTec casino security software generates 4 levels of reporting, from information on high thresholds of risks to personal information on new customers.

AcuityTec Casino Verification System: Product Contents

AcuityTec id verification for casino

For the most complete check of new participants in the game, several solutions are provided:

SMS Code or Voice Answerback

The AcuityTec id verification for casino is a separate software component that can be connected to any mobile application through the API gateway.

Its operation principle is very simple:

  • the client receives a special code (4 random numbers) in the message or a voice call;
  • the user duplicates the received data in the identification form.

Verification of Documents and IDs With a Photo

The platform operates in accordance with the norms of the KYC protocols and is designed to protect casino operators from illegal actions when fraudsters try to perpetrate somebody else's identity.

The requested information is processed in real-time.

Analysis of Customer Devices

Having decided to connect the AcuityTec verification for casino, operators can count on the prompt identification of suspicious gamblers even during the process of their first registration. This program quickly analyzes the browser history, the player's previous actions on the Internet, and other factors that help to make up a rating of his reputation and reliability. Users with a high-risk rating are not allowed to play any slot machine.

Identification Based on the Knowledge of Customers

This program is customized to check the identity of visitors to casinos by answering personal code questions. These can be typical passwords (such as the mother's maiden name) or unusual words.

An additional step is the verification of the address of the domain name.

The AcuityTec Certificate — a Security Assurance

Those clients who have taken advantage of the brand's proprietary solutions receive a special seal that proves the reliability of digital security. The quality mark will be visible on the operator's home page.

The company issues certificates of 3 levels:

  1. Bronze. This document testifies to the complete check of customer databases, the levels of confidence of users, and the effectiveness of the brand’s management strategy.
  2. Silver. Both customer databases and payment transactions are checked for loyalty and security.
  3. Gold. Casino operators are interested in the maximum security of their projects and conduct comprehensive monitoring of the system — from multi-level identification of new players to control of all financial flows of the casino and monitoring of the quality of work of internal services.

The Main Things About the Protection Services of the Canadian Manufacturer

AcuityTec casino security is a great opportunity to protect a gambling project against risks. The software vendor has developed its solutions based on the machine learning technology, so the system is being constantly improved and guarantees instant detection and effective response to “anomalies”.

Advantages of buying this product:

  • Variability of work. Operators can choose the end-to-end system or individual modules. All components are equipped with various personal settings and can be combined like pieces of the constructor.
  • The simplicity of installation. This system is connected with the use of seamless API technologies and does not require any changes in the initial platform code.
  • User’s control. In addition to several options that can help casino owners to identify players, entrepreneurs are allowed to track the detailed history of user devices and payment transactions and form internal ratings of gamblers according to the level of possible risks.
  • Payment gateway. The system works with any types of payments and currencies, automatically generates a queue of transactions based on the level of risk, blocks any suspicious transfers, and instantly sends notifications to casino owners via the selected communication channel.

We offer you to connect AcuityTec software to protect the casino on very beneficial terms. A secure transaction, full compliance with legal regulations, and qualified assistance in the system’s debugging are guaranteed.

Our catalogue contains all kinds of offers for those who want to launch a gambling business: turnkey and mobile solutions, bookmaker software, live content, slots from the best providers (Microgaming, Ezugi, XproGaming, Amatic, etc.), and exclusive HTML5 developments.

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